6 Good Things That Happened This Week

Quite a lot of not-so good things happened this week. But this post is not about them.  I figured that since this is the only post I can manage to publish this week, this will be about the good things...

Because good things bring good vibes.. 
And good vibes bring good sleep.. 
And good sleep is exactly what I need in my life. 

As a part of my 6-series post this month, I now bring you 6 Good Things That Happened This Week, mind if I share? 

1. Reiko's first week of school 

I couldn't be there for him on his first week. I badly wanted to but my work schedule was moved to 11am and I had to leave early to arrive to our office on time. I couldn't be absent too. 

But my husband brought him to school and he told me that Reiko didn't cry when he left, and that he was well-behaved. I was worried that he'd throw tantrums and get wild but I was so thankful that he's consistently well-behaved at school on his first week. 

I would always check his paper everytime I arrived home at night and my heart would just melt upon seeing his first few official writing and coloring activities at school with a Very Good mark and a star from the teacher. 

2. I wore stilettos at work! Haha! 

So if you've read my first 6-series post, one of the things on my checklist is to wear stilettos at work at least once a week. Well I did! LOL. Hey, it's tough to wear stilettos when it's raining! And because I expected the rain, I had to bring my backup flats/slippers so that I could change when it's time to go home. Sheesh.

3. Arrived home safely every night. 

I usually arrive home at around 10:30pm. Safe. And that alone is always a good thing. I'm always thankful for it.  

4. Got a new haircut, finally! 

This is also one of the things on my checklist this month. So huraaahhh!! I feel lighter this time! Please excuse my non-smiling new haircut selfie. LOL

5. A little digital detox 

Because every night when I arrive from work, I feel extremely tired especially last Monday that I just fell to bed without even changing from my work clothes and washing my face. I was dead tired and I didn't quite understand why. But it gifted me one of the best sleeps ever. 

I did have a chance to change and wash came Tuesday to Friday night but I didn't have the bones to go online so I just.. slept. 


It means so much to me.

Hospital bills. Work stress. Body pain. Body clock adjustment. The need to sometimes fake a smile. Talking and standing in front of a class for roughly 8 hours daily.

Rainy days and Mondays. Annoying cold virus (which happened to attack when I needed to run a class!). Inner struggle. Thoughts of Reiko and because I wasn't present during his first week of school.

A crying husband...

I just had and have to be strong. Thank you universe!

That's it for this week blissful friends! How was your week?

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