Monthly Flashback: June Musings

A few running around moments and 20 days of working on day shift after, the end of June has finally come. What? Seriously!!! Every time I write these monthly review posts, I feel like the phrase "you have a whole lifetime ahead of you" doesn't apply anymore. Did it ever?

6 Memorable Places in Cebu

I'm officially 6 years old!!!!!!! Yesterday was the big day.. Yuhooo! 

It's quite ironic that I have less number of posts this month that it is my blog anniversary month. Or maybe not. The truth is.. I've been pre-occupied with work.

6 Good Things That Happened This Week

Quite a lot of not-so good things happened this week. But this post is not about them.  I figured that since this is the only post I can manage to publish this week, this will be about the good things...

6 YEARS! #MakeItHappen

Ladies and gentlemen, June is a special month for my blog. And for me too of course! This month, my blog turns 6 years old!! June 19, to be exact. Isn't that wonderful??

Now, while I'm contemplating how to celebrate my 6th blogiversary or blogoversary... someone please tell me what the right shortcut term is for blog anniversary, heck... anyway, you know I'm already very thankful to YOU who's reading this now for even thinking of viewing or reading my blog. Know that your effort and your everything is very much appreciated.

Aside from (thinking of) baking my own anniversary cake (seriously) on June 19, I also thought of having a theme for my blog posts this month and I've decided to create a 6 Favorites or Top 6 kind of posts to represent my 6 years of blogging. These posts are easy to create too which will hopefully make my blog full this month while I'm busy being a full-time corporate girl and mom to my soon to be preschooler.

Reiko will start school next week, also the same day when I'm gonna start training a new hire class at work. I will be working on day shift for 17 days! Hello there body clock!

To start this anniversary month with a bang, let me share to you 6 Things On My #MakeItHappen Checklist this month.

Here yah go!!!

1. Bake something. Cake, cookies, whatevah! So help me God! 

2. Prepare Reiko's snacks for school everyday. 

3. List one good thing that happened for the day. There must be something right??? 

4. Get a new haircut!!!

5. Wear stilettos at least once a week (hahaha!). Ditch the sneakers, for now!

6. Spend one Saturday or Sunday just watching movies and eating in bed. Ahhh, life! And I hope it rains when this happens! 

Since I'll be busy with work and preschool, I listed down those things so that I won't have any excuses when coming up with interesting things to do. I have a list handy!

Being busy is different from being productive - I should think about this all the time. In other words, we can always find time to do things that are important to us. Yep, wearing stilettos once a week is important to me. Hehehe!! 

That's me talking to myself. If that sounds like you too, well and good! :)
Talk soon! ♥