The Day I Wanted to Delete my Blog

I can't believe that I've come to a point when I suddenly just wanted to delete my blog and forget I ever owned a blog. Yep, it happened when one day last week, I was trying to edit something on my template and when I checked back.. everything was messed up! The theme, the design, the customizations, and worse the comments. I couldn't find any of my blog comments!

It's not even about Disqus because when I checked my dashboard, the comments were all there.. but for some reasons, they didn't appear on my blog anymore and the actual comment section was gone. If you're like me, you'll probably panic. But would you? I don't know.. but I did. I really thought it was a mistake on my part.

How did that even happen when my blog was perfectly fine seconds ago? Did I do something wrong? Did I mess up something? Good thing the posts were still up and I was feeling confident because I have a gazillion backups but I still felt nervous and agitated. Now take this, so I uploaded my backup.. and IT DID NOT WORK!

What, you never thought that just a blog could make me feel like a disoriented monkey, yah? I'm sorry but I've worked my heart out to personalize my blog and make it look the way I wanted it to so I just couldn't let it go. And it's not just a blog.. it's like a chunk of my life. Is that cheesy?

Have you ever felt like losing a valuable work or work that you've spent sleepless nights on? Well, that's how I felt. Some people probably don't understand the hard work and passion that comes with blogging. And that's fine. But I do. I understand. And I've blogged for so many years. So if ever I really delete my blog, that's gonna be almost 6 years worth of investment! And not even monetary investment.

So I took a deep breath, tried to calm down, tried fixing my blog again and yet -- at the back of my head I was thinking, sheesh, I just changed my theme, worked on it to make it what I want it to be, I had several backups and neither of those worked. WHAT NOW? Ohhhhkaayyyy, the only sensible solution I could think of that time was DELETE. Delete my blog. Forever.

Well, I deleted my Tumblr blogs before - twice even. But that situation was different because those blogs were something I didn't put my heart into. Like no effort kind of blogs you know. 

I already started thinking what my life would be without my blog. Well, I still have so many journal notebooks anyway. I can still write my thoughts on them, who cares. Or wow, I'd have more time to sleep, more time to play with Reiko, and just more time for everything! Or if I don't have a blog, will I still be reading blogs? Will I lose my blogger friends? There!

I got so tired of thinking about it and was dead set to delete my blog and just let it all go. But with just a thread of hope, I decided to just sleep through the night, set my blog to private, and see if my blog fixes itself miraculously when I wake up. Well guess what? IT DIDN'T! My blog was still the same mess when I woke up. The only difference was my mindset. I had a more open mind after a good night's sleep.

So I tried to read the forum where I got my theme, found out I wasn't the only one who experienced it.. and hurray I didn't mess it up!! Must have been something about the theme, a couple of bloggers posted their workarounds.. I reinstalled my backup for the nth time, didn't work.. decided to install a fresh new template, didn't like it.. reinstalled my backup again.. and then IT WORKED!! Yuhoooo!!!

And just like that, I was relieved beyond words! I'd say it still pays to backup your blog whatever happens. You'd probably think I'm crazy and that my reasons for almost deleting my blog were superficial.. but well, humans as we are.. we feel bad and tired too.

I'm glad I didn't delete my blog though. Hmmmfff. But even if I did, I still have a backup so I thought I could just import everything again if I wanted to. Lalalaahhh ♪♫

Have you ever thought of deleting your most-loved blog once in your blogging life? Now, if you think of deleting your blog, relax.. just like what I did, maybe you can sleep through it first and see what happens. :)

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