Hello everybody! How's the long weekend going? Last week, I talked about how I want to take more meaningful photos and give street photography a try. I'm happy I decided to do so because I'm getting more and more of what I wanted as the days go by.

Now let me end this week by sharing to you my street snapshots. Hope you find something meaningful to look out for! 


Are there tricycles from where you live? A tricycle is a three-wheeled passenger vehicle and is common in the Philippines. Some are motorized, some are powered by pedal. 

In Cebu, tricycles look like these ones in the photo. In my hometown in Gensan, they look very different. I took this photo from the overpass while in a jeepney when I passed by Tabunok market in Talisay City. 

It can get really crowded at times but I like that there's an announcer with a mega phone who tells people when they park in the wrong area or when a certain tricyle driver unloads passengers in the wrong area. The announcer calls out the vehicle through the plate number or the vehicle color.

Fruit Vendor

This is my third and final stop when going home. It's always in this place where there's a sidewalk vendor selling fruits and vegetables. They actually set up their stalls pretty early in the morning. Such hardworking people. 

The Freeman

It's Maundy Thursday and this man was beside me in the jeepney reading the The Freeman daily news. 

Drivers usually have newspapers with them and they read them during stop traffic signals and when the traffic is terrible. I find that passengers usually borrow the newspaper from the driver. Something I wanted to do but haven't tried. 

You're The Man

It's just that I always admire people who work so hard no matter what kind of job they're in. Except of course illegal jobs. It was scorching hot when I saw this man crossing the street while carrying a big sack of I'm-not-sure-what. Rice most probably. 

The Rocky Road

And with all the scenes I see everyday of my life on my way home, I never fail to be mesmerized by the simple beauty of this path walk leading to our house. Our gate is the one with red-orange bougainvillea flowers. I'm home, finally! 

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