5 Awesome Things To Do When In Dakak

Are you planning to go on an ultimate beach vacation or adventure? Since it's summer here in the Philippines, I think it would be nice to share my Dakak Park & Beach Resort experience once again, and now with what I hope are much better details. It was August 2013! Sheesh.

Let's just say I'm a supergirl/supermom wannabe by being the fun fearless female I've always believed myself to be. LOL. I'm grateful that Dakak has soooo much to offer so bet no boredom here.

The beach was so inviting when we arrived so we jumped right away after leaving our stuff in our villa. Below is their lobby where we had complimentary drinks. Perfect because it was noon time!

*Living room 

*Our room. There were 5 of us so we got 2 rooms in one villa.

Excited? Here we go - 5 awesome things to do in Dakak!

1. Exercise and tone some muscles by KAYAKING

Kayaking with my friend was my first activity! That was my second time. The first time was in the middle of the sea at Coral Island in Samal, Davao.

Although the wind was a little bit strong, we were never pissed. Haha. There were a few times when we're just struggling on the shore which was so funny but we didn't mind it.We just tried and tried until we got farther and after a few strokes, tadaaa, we're up and running!

It was just-for-the-heck-of-it kind of fun and we did it for only 30 minutes. My arms were painful after kayaking. It was sort of a laugh trip and probably a test of endurance, haha!

*The shoreline wasn't that long but we had the beach to ourselves that day so it was a nice afternoon to spend. 

2. Try their swimming pools!

Sheesh, maybe lame for some but if you're the swimmer type, why not right? After all, it's part of what you pay for. This one below is a kiddie pool and we spent some time there before we discovered that there were actually big swimming pools! Hahaha boo!

*There's also a restaurant beside the pool. They serve Italian food. 

So we went to their bigger swimming pool. I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't know how to swim despite my so much love for the beach, arrgghhh

The pool was quite beyond my reach but my friend and I wanted to slide so we rented life buoys! Hahaha. Yep, the ones that kids use. Safety first kids!

3. Breakfast by the beach ♥

Fast forward to Saturday morning which was also our last day in Dakak, we forced ourselves to wake up early (after a night at Fantasy Land and a night of Emperador Light by the beach) because the breakfast buffet was waiting. 

Gaahhh, breakfast by the beach is what dreams are made of!!!! Don't skip this! What else???  In our case, it was part of the package we paid for.

*It was certainly a BREAKFAST BUFFET! I've never seen so many breakfast options in my life. 

* I can stay here all day! 

If you notice, I never took photos of the superb food. Because, who has time?? The blogger in me subsided for a while and just decided to eat eat eat eat!!! 

4. Zipline and Horseback Riding!!!

After eating, we hurriedly went to the lobby to book for zipline and horseback riding, Php500 for both. It's a package. We waited for our ride and look, 4WD! So cool ayt!

Plus the view going to the site was really amazing. The weather was so perfect too, I felt like an extreme sport enthusiast! Win!

Welcome to my hacienda! LOL. This is the horse stable. We're ready for some muddy adventure before the most-awaited part.

*Meet Sabrina, my horsey!

I got more scared of the horseback riding than the zipline though! I was overwhelmed when the guide allowed me to control the horsey on my own, hahaha, I felt like a real cowgirl. But that was just the icing on the cake... 

Here comes my most awaited part -- the ZIPLINE!!! We've heard that it's Asia's longest and fastest dual zipline and I couldn't just miss it! If I'm given a special power, I wanna be able to fly like Superman so I opted for the "superman" position. But mine was the awkward superwoman position I guess.

If you've done zipline several times, this may not be exciting for you anymore. That was only my second time and the first wasn't that dramatic and challenging.

After horseback riding, our horse led us directly to the zipline zone. We geared up and made sure everything was safe. I was more than ecstatic. I was like an addict who couldn't get a fix! Hehe. We were also asked to sign a waiver.

Only 3 out of the 5 of us did the zipline. I flew solo while my 2 friends flew together. I'm a brave soul like that! LOL. The staff were so accommodating that you couldn't complain a single bit. It was truly an adrenaline switch and an amazing experience.

AND IT WAS SO FAST I WANNA DO IT AGAIN!!! Gaahhh, can I have like 5 rounds of it? Hmf!

Don't forget to smile because someone will take a photo of you. You can have it printed with an additional fee (which I forgot, I think Php100-150) and they'll give you a certificate for putting your life out there! Hehehe

5. Go to Fantasy Land! Like, really. 

In our case, it was again part of the package. We had tickets for unlimited rides in Fantasy Land but we haven't really used up everything. We went there on our first night and there was a private shuttle bus that picked us up so no worries about transportation. 

This photo doesn't do it any justice because I had a crappy camera that time (excuses). It's no Disneyland or Enchanted Kingdom but it was a charming theme park to say the least.

Don't ever skip the horror house!!! Please? It's the best horror house in my life ever. No joke. We were there for 5 minutes and probably the longest 5 minutes of my life! Hahaha. But seriously though, skip this if you're faint-hearted. 

Note: You have to pay for it separately. It's not part of the package.

After the horror house, we tried all the rides that we could and the best part was the roller coaster! It's not as challenging as bigger theme parks obviously but it was the best I've had so far. Too bad I didn't get a photo. It was already drizzling that time so we had to run.

More info about Fantasy Land on their official website

There you go folks!! Hope you got some ideas if ever you want to visit Dakak in the future. Thanks for reading this long post! :)


For rates and inquiries, check their official website. 

Baranggay Taguilon, Dapitan City
Zamboanga Del Norte, 7101 Philippines
Telephone No.: 
(065) 213 – 6813
Mobile No.: (+63) 918 8038403
Mobile No.: (+63) 946 6431814

Mobile No.: (+63) 915 3185238


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