Rainforest Park Cebu - The Oceanarium

Reiko's 4th birthday is coming up. As an early birthday gift, I wanted to bring him somewhere he hasn't been yet. He's very fond of animals because he watches them on YouTube so I decided to bring him to a zoo. 

Yep, he's almost 4 but he hasn't been to a zoo because I'm lame like that. But since I'm living up my word of the year which is #ENJOY then I have to make things happen. I first thought of Cebu Zoo but it's too far from home so I decided to bring him to Rainforest Park Cebu which I read about first from Coffee, Tea, or Death

Rainforest Park Cebu offers a mix of entertainment, adventure, leisure, dining, and relaxation for the entire family or team. 

I was sold right away because it was very affordable and it's just near my workplace so I met with my husband and Reiko after work last Saturday afternoon. 

We went to their Oceanarium and Aviary. The entrance fee is Php50 for each area. The entire place is actually quite small. I kind of expected it to be bigger because it was supposedly a rainforest. But well, I only paid Php100 each for the 3 of us, so I guess it was just fit for the price.

I think I took a million photos (hehehe!) so in this post, I'll talk about their Oceanarium first and will talk about their Aviary on my next post. Alrighty! 

This is the entrance to the Oceanarium. There's also a restaurant inside where they cook and serve fresh sea food.

There's this big stuffed animal that Reiko was scared of. LOL. And there's a small souvenir shop on the other side.

So like I said, I expected the park to be bigger and the Oceanarium to be large too but it was actually just big aquariums on walls. 

I don't have the names of all the sea creatures though. They also have other animals which I was kinda scared of. LOL 

ALLIGATOR GAR - The body of alligator gar is torpedo-shaped which serves them well as ambush predators that rely on sudden bursts of speed to capture prey.

I was more of scared upon seeing the snakes and the crocodile. Mind you, just taking a photo of them and looking at them now is really like going out of my comfort zone. I feel the hairs at the back of my neck standing in fear.

ASIAN BOX TURTLE - Present from Assam throughout Southeast Asia and central to southern China northeastwards to Japan and southeastwards to the borders of Wallacea and into Indonesia and the Philippines. 

Below is a  friendly reminder.

Overall, the experience was good enough for Reiko to see what I wanted him to see in real life. He usually just sees these sea animals on videos so Php50 entrance fee was fine. 

Up Next is the Aviary which we enjoyed more than the Oceanarium. :) They also have an Adventure Jungle that I want to try but I'm too old for it and Reiko is too young for it. Boo. 


Visit their website for more information about the rates. 

F. Cabahug St. (Ayala Access Road) 
Panagdait, Mabolo, Cebu City

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