Today, I Begin Again

First post of the year! And a quick and sweet one too! I figured I just couldn't abandon my blog. I missed this so much. I missed writing, blogging, reading blogs, and interacting online. For the next few days, I'll be stalker-ish because I'm gonna backread most of your blog posts. I think I missed a lot of events in the blogging world. Hah!

During those times when I wasn't blogging, I was spending time with family and friends back home. It was a three-week vacation and to say that it's so much fun is an understatement. It was really the break I needed. Of course, there's always that thought of not going back to work anymore.. because who would want to? Home, for me.. is where my good life is.

But being the optimist that I always claim myself to be.. I had to shake myself, believe, and accept the fact that I'm gonna be back to work. Our flight back to Cebu was last Monday. We arrived home at 3pm and I went straight to work at around 7pm. With only 2 hours of sleep, I ran my class with as much energy as I can and went home at 6am of Tuesday.

Until now, our house is very cluttered and I couldn't bring myself to clean up the mess just yet because my body clock is adjusting again. I decided to just let it go for now and clean up on Saturday. Declutter! My first project for the year! 

This year, I kind of don't have resolutions. Because we all know what the deal is with resolutions, right? 

Well, maybe not for you, but for me. Haha! I didn't even draft a lot of goals. I decided to take it easy and and take matters a little lightly this time, hoping for less to no stress and worries. 

My vision for this year is to enjoy my life.. every minute of it. And dance to the beat of my dreams by staying happy and loving what I do. How about you? :)

For now, I'm going over some of my vacation photos as I am still writing down some of my blogging goals. Not yet too late for that, right? I'm still on work mode this week though and so tired that I went straight to bed early today without even changing my clothes yet.. then fell asleep in a breeze. I'll catch up over the weekend! Hope you're all doing great. See you back here soon! ♥

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