Love Yourself More

But not too much. :)

I guess there's nothing wrong with following tips and tricks as long as you know how to determine which one is applicable to your lifestyle. At the end of the day, it's always gonna be your choice. Hence, we call tips as tips. Right? So where am I really getting at? Hehe.

I've already shared so much about my power planner and you'll realize that I'm not done yet because from time to time I'm gonna write about all the wonderful things I got from it. It's supposed to be a personal thing but hey, this blog is kinda personal too and sharing is loving.. and caring. So I hope you don't get tired of me rambling about my power planner every now and then. LOL. Because I love it to bits and I love you too! ♥
So you see, my planner has these quick tips every month that I really enjoy reading and so I'm more than happy to share with you what's for January. Here it is! 
I mean seriously. Age is just a number and there's really more to it in life. I realize though that these tips are not just to look younger ASAP. For me, it's really more on taking care of yourself and loving yourself more. After all, how else will you be able to take care of your loved ones when you can't even take care of yourself? Cliche but still true. 
Now, let's check these out. Warning: Some selfies ahead. 
1. Try a new hair color. 

I've always had a jet black hair. I've always wanted to try a new hair color like ash brown maybe? I may have said this before but I'll say it again, I get anxious when going inside a salon to get my hair done or fixed. Even if it's just a simple haircut. The thing is.. my hair has "never been touched" so I'm kinda scared that putting on any chemicals may damage it. I'm good with black hair though but this is something I'm still considering maybe in the future. 

2. Tailor your wardrobe. 
This is a work in progress for me. I've recently cleaned up and organized my closet. Kept some items that I can still repair so I'm hoping that I'd get to work on them ASAP. Knowing myself, I usually dress up based on my mood or need. Yes, in that order. If I can only wear pajamas at work on a Monday or Friday, I will! 

3. Get enough sleep. 
Ha! One of my health goals this year. But of course! Who wouldn't want to have a good sleep right? Plus.. sleep has proven to be one of the most effective ways to alleviate stress so I'm crossing my fingers on this. And I'm leaving Reiko out of this too. Like what my husband said, if you didn't get enough sleep, don't always blame it on the kid. 

4. Revamp your makeup. 
I'm no pro on this. But I've learned to purchase items that would truly help me and my skin and not just because I want the trendiest makeups. God they're too expensive! Most of the time I really need it not just to look pleasant when I'm out and about but also to maintain a healthy skin.
The basics I have right now are moisturizer, pressed powder, BB cream, blush-on, and lipstick. All because I look pale sometimes and I want to add a little glow and radiance to my face. I choose products that are good for my skin and can improve my overall lifestyle. 
Now, this is a fully made-up version of me. I don't really think I can go to work with a full-on makeup, because I don't have all the time in the world.
5. Improve your posture. 
I truly believe this. I do my best to maintain a good posture all the time but there are just times when all you wanna do is slouch! Haha, because it feels more comfortable! Lol. They say wearing stilettos may do the trick. I rarely wear heels. 
I'm a flats girl well because my job requires me to stand most of the time plus my travel time is incredibly amazing (insert sarcasm here) that wearing heels would probably kill me than help me. Haha! And yeah by the way, I agree with investing in a good bra. Lol
Have you considered changing your hair color?? 
Or wearing heels to somehow improve your posture? 

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