I Just Can't Get Enough

Quite a long post to sum up the many weeks I was absent from blogging. You will probably say that I haven't gotten over my long vacation just yet. Well, you're right. Because I'm still writing about it now - giddy every time I see photos of my family and long-time best friends. 

What's a mom to do? It's not all the time that I get to have a vacation this long! It's been a week since I arrived and I still look at our photos. All of them. The good ones, the blurry shots, the candid, crazy pictures, everything! 

Thus, this is a photo-heavy post. I just can't get enough so I guess it's just good to share some of my favorites from the highlights of my vacation. This pretty much sums up my People of the Year 2014 too!

1. REUNION WITH FRIENDS. As much as I could, I met up with my high school best friends and college buddies. It was very refreshing! Every meeting was a high.. like non-stop chatting and some screaming and laughing. I missed them so much. It's like remembering the days when what we all talked about didn't make much sense to our innocent minds. But look at us now. We've grown and changed for the better. And I love it.
*Meeting at Starbucks for the Bridal Shower

*This was my Karaoke Night with my college room mates! We exchanged gifts and I got a super cute pen. It's a sign that I should be writing more this year. LOL

2. SISTER'S 18TH BIRTHDAY. My sweet and thoughtful little sister is not little anymore. She's grown to be a loving and caring daughter, sister, and friend. I love her to bits and will do the best I can to protect her despite the distance. I can only do so much though because how can we stop people from growing and eventually making their own decisions? It's about time to let go. 
#TheStoryOfTHeBrokenCake - Hehehe

*My parents surprised me with this gorgeous post-birthday cake that I'd forever cherish! Ack, of course we all ate it and it's gone after about 2 days! 

3. FIRST BRIDAL SHOWER. But not for me of course.  Among our high school girls' group of 8, she's the 6th who got married and yes, it was only then that we all got to attend a bridal shower that we ourselves organized.. as a surprise to the bride. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! Hahaha! I'm quite hesitant to post this photo but excuse me in advance. I guess a bridal shower would not be complete without this - THE CAKE! Cute, isn't it? LOL

*2 girls were not able to attend though. The first 2 from the right of this photo were the only ones not married. We're waiting girls. Hehehe! 

*And let me just insert a throwback photo of us friends in high school - ALL COMPLETE. This brings back so many memories! We call ourselves GODDESSES.  From left to right: Goddess of LIGHT, BEAUTY, LOVE, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, WIND, HOPE. So highschoolish right? Hahaha. 

4. OUR FRIENDS' WEDDING. The 30th of December. Two of my high school best friends got married. And I said two because both of them who got married to each other were my friends since high school. And they've been together for 11 years! 
It was a full day and I woke up early to prepare, 8am call time for the bride's maids! It was an emotional yet fun day. And I was beyond happy to witness it. All credits to iClick Photo Booth owned by one of our own BFFs for these wonderful photos. 
Missing the Goddess of Fire as she's in the Land Down Under and couldn't go home yet.  

TRIVIA: The 8 of us promised that the names of our first-born will have something to do with the element that we're representing as a goddess. I'm Goddess of Love and Reiko means love & gratitude. Light's daughter was named Summer, Hope's daughter was named Hope, and Fire's daughter was named Erif (Fire) Waiting for the rest!! And we're excited! 

5. FAMILY. No words, just pure happiness. Like I said in my previous post, home to me is where my good life is. I'm so thankful I got to spend Christmas, New Year, and my mom's 53rd birthday with them.
*Can you believe I actually wore a jersey shorts? Haha. I borrowed it from my sister. This was New Year at the struck of midnight and I just woke up! 

And of course, missing my brother who was at work in Texas during the holidays! Miss yoouuu!!  Thank you for reading this far! Now, I shall move on and enjoy this year. I hope you do too! :)

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