Hey 2015!!! Can we please slow down a little bit?! It's already the third week of January and please tell me it's not too late yet to finalize my goals. 

My 2014 goals were very specific. I had so many that I eventually narrowed them down to the most important ones. I haven't achieved most of them and in the process, I felt quite disappointed that as if I didn't really do my best.

This year, instead of writing a bunch of resolutions, I'm gonna follow the Word Of The Year concept. It's not a new concept. I even had one last year. The word was UNDERSTAND and I guess for the most part I've followed it although I'm not really sure how I'd evaluate my success.

For me, I spent most of my time being patient and understanding of the things and people around me. Whatever it was, I learned so much from it. I also learned that being understanding doesn't mean you have to be a pushover. You have to have a voice and fight for it. I felt though that I failed to enjoy and celebrate the little things in life. I worked too much, seriously! I hope the heavens will hear our call for a salary increase! Our agents already had an increase and as part of the support team, I'm waiting. 

It was only towards the end of last year that I got to enjoy and relax. It was refreshing. And I really wanted to have that kind of feeling all the time, as much as possible. Less to no fights. No stress. No worries. Just happy with the simple things.

And so this year, my word is ENJOY. I want to feel happy with everything I do. It doesn't have to be aligned with my passion all the time because in this world, I think that sometimes we have to do some things even when we don't entirely like them simply because we need to. The key is to learn to find joy in the things that we do.

Being happy for me means to stop thinking and worrying of what others will say or think about me because this is my life. I've already been doing that and I want to continue to do so. But that doesn't mean that I'll be insensitive to the needs of others. That also doesn't mean that I can't feel sad or mad anymore because that would simply strip me off from one of the perks humans have - the ability to feel and experience different emotions and I guess learn from them too.

*I got this good stuff from FACEBOOK and darn, it's so right! 

My 2015 goals are written on my power planner slash journal (that I love and totally enjoy so much). There's a vision statement and 5 goal categories - Personal, Financial, Health, Career, and Relationship. It has one blank space for a category I want to add.

I decided to put in my Blog Goals. As you see, most of what I wrote aren't very specific because I'd like to move along by creating more specific monthly and weekly realistic goals based on my 2015 goals. Does that make sense? :) I hope so.

Do you know how much I suck at movies? I can't even name a movie that makes me happy or laugh! Not even one! I can't think of any! Haha


And here's my unfinished dream board. I have to add more stuff to it. :)

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