Time For Big Decisions, Hello 2016!

Here I am writing this on the last day of 2015 (real-time and not scheduled), while the husband is still sleeping and the little rockstar is watching Disney on TV. At this point, I've already read so many year-ender posts which made me ponder how I'd start and end mine. 

Time For Big Decisions, Hello 2016!

Awesome Christmas Party at Duz Grill Restaurant

I honestly thought I'd be broke with all the Christmas parties I had to attend this month. But then I told myself that these parties and gatherings don't happen all the time so I gave myself permission to just enjoy the holiday season. ;) 

Christmas at Duz Grill

Wellcome Hotel Cebu: Pearl's Fabulous At 30

They say that 30 is the new 20. I'm that person who isn't and won't be ashamed of my age. Not at all. In fact, I'm always proud as I reach another year and milestone in life. I'm 27 and although I still have 2 more years before turning 30, I'm quite excited and thrilled of what lies ahead. 

Pearl's Fabulous at 30 - Wellcome Hotel Cebu

Refreshingly Filipino Cuisine At Salinas Restaurant

Most people would say I'm a big eater. It doesn't show much but it's true. I eat a lot. Sometimes I eat too much! So weeks ago, when an invitation to dine at the newest restaurant came in, I jumped at the opportunity.

Salinas Restaurant Cebu

Try Kogi Q at Park Mall Cebu

Kogi Q is a Korean restaurant that offers an all-you-can eat and all-you-can-cook experience for just Php 270 per person. I'd have to say that this should be the last stop of your day as much as possible because you'd smell like meat and smoke after! Hehehe! Nevertheless, it's a unique smoky experience.

Kogi Q at Parkmall Cebu

La Vie Parisienne Bakery & Wine Bar

La Vie Parisienne (The Parisian Life) has become a famous go-to place in Cebu. It's mainly a bakery and wine bar along Gorordo Avenue. 

La Vie Parisienne Bakery & Wine Bar

Highlights Bar at Harolds Hotel

It's been more than 2 months since my best friend Beans came over to Cebu to visit (this is a super late post!). And of course, just like any other good friend does, I took the chance to spend some time with him and our group of friends. 

We were all feeling grown-ups so we went to Highlights Bar & Restaurant at Harolds Hotel Roofdeck to catch up and have dinner. It was my first time at their roof deck and I must say I'd totally choose roof deck over any other venue. It's super nice!!

DIY Blog Redesign? Here Are 10 Things To Remember!

DIY Blog Redesign? Here Are 10 Things To Remember!

You have a blog, that’s right. But does it reflect your personality? Does it bring out who you are and what your brand is? You’re planning to redesign your blog but just the thought of it seems so daunting that you’d rather forego it than jump into the challenge. 

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2015 - Blissful Snapshots Is A Finalist!

I can still recall the day years ago when I told myself that it doesn't matter what I write or post on my blog because no one will read it anyway. Well, not really no one because some of my friends would read it and leave comments too. Fast forward to today, I gained more and more readers and blogger friends and I'm definitely feeling the blogger love! ♥

DREADING MONDAY? Get Over It. Here's how!

Mondays are always manic for most of us, obviously because we're coming from the weekend. I understand that and I'm definitely with you in that ordeal. I do know a few people who love Mondays and I myself have slowly incorporated Mondays into my lifestyle. After all, it's not Monday's fault.

[What's Inside] The Giving Journal 2016

Here I go again with another planner! Last time, I've shown you one of the planners I purchased which was the 2016 Belle De Jour Petit Planner. This time, I'm going to show you what's inside my planner of choice for next year - yep, it's The Giving Journal 2016.

Why Street Photography?

I didn't know that street photography exists. READ: I didn't know it's an official genre of photography. All I knew back then was that I would stare so hard at people and places I saw along the way anywhere I was. In the jeepney. The bus. While walking around or while eating alone at McDonald's or any food place on my way home.

2016 Belle De Jour Petit Planner

It’s time! It’s this season once again when I hunt for the best planners and journals in my side of the world. Time’s running so freakin fast and my creative OC  mind can’t stop thinking about the beautiful planners available around.

2016 Belle De Jour Petit Planner

The Jeepney Ride

As many of you already know, I’m quite the jeepney rider commuter. My travel to and from the office is way longer than the time I spend in the bathroom and the time I spend to prepare myself for work.

Thank Someone, Something, Or Someplace Today

Thank Someone, Something, Or Someplace Today

This week, I gladly accepted the challenge from Romeo of Zuprome, my fellow blogger from Cebu Blogging Community, to write 30 expressions of gratitude. I already have ideas to begin my Feel-Good Friday posts but I thought a gratitude post would be very fitting to start this segment. 

Get Cashback and Coupon Codes with Shopback!

Are you a super-saver or a thrifter who always wants to score amazing deals? Are you a budget traveler who always goes for budget hotels and promos? Or maybe you’re an online shopper who wants to get more value for your money? 

I’m definitely all of the above! These days, I’m truly very choosy when it comes to shopping for my needs and wants. I’m no longer the happy-go-lucky corporate working girl that I used to be when I started joining the workforce. I’m a full-time working mom with so many financial concerns to consider.

#Bloggys2015 - Blissful Snapshots is nominated!

It's my first October post! And yep, I'm as happy as you are for this brand new month. I was so sick last week that I couldn't afford to look at my computer for more than 10 minutes, which explains why I only posted once.


7 Meaningful Ways To Keep Blogging

7 Meaningful Ways To Keep Blogging

Whether you're a newbie or a veteran in the world of blogging, there will always be times when you feel uninspired or when you feel like there's nothing really worthy to blog about. True enough, starting a blog is easy but maintaining one is challenging especially if you haven't established a system yet.

Pen Meet Cebu 1.0 at The Henry Hotel

I was in the middle of reviving my love affair with hand lettering and fake calligraphy when I found out about Pen Meet Cebu through Instagram, so what do you expect? Without even thinking twice, I jumped into the opportunity and signed up!

Out and About? Stay Safe!

We all want to be safe at all times. Who wouldn't, right? So just last Friday at around 2 am, I was in a jeepney on my way to work. And if you're wondering why the heck I was going to work at 2 am, wonder no more! I tell you now that my schedule is really crazy because of the kind of job that I do. 

Monthly Flashback: June Musings

A few running around moments and 20 days of working on day shift after, the end of June has finally come. What? Seriously!!! Every time I write these monthly review posts, I feel like the phrase "you have a whole lifetime ahead of you" doesn't apply anymore. Did it ever?

6 Memorable Places in Cebu

I'm officially 6 years old!!!!!!! Yesterday was the big day.. Yuhooo! 

It's quite ironic that I have less number of posts this month that it is my blog anniversary month. Or maybe not. The truth is.. I've been pre-occupied with work.

6 Good Things That Happened This Week

Quite a lot of not-so good things happened this week. But this post is not about them.  I figured that since this is the only post I can manage to publish this week, this will be about the good things...

6 YEARS! #MakeItHappen

Ladies and gentlemen, June is a special month for my blog. And for me too of course! This month, my blog turns 6 years old!! June 19, to be exact. Isn't that wonderful??

Now, while I'm contemplating how to celebrate my 6th blogiversary or blogoversary... someone please tell me what the right shortcut term is for blog anniversary, heck... anyway, you know I'm already very thankful to YOU who's reading this now for even thinking of viewing or reading my blog. Know that your effort and your everything is very much appreciated.

Aside from (thinking of) baking my own anniversary cake (seriously) on June 19, I also thought of having a theme for my blog posts this month and I've decided to create a 6 Favorites or Top 6 kind of posts to represent my 6 years of blogging. These posts are easy to create too which will hopefully make my blog full this month while I'm busy being a full-time corporate girl and mom to my soon to be preschooler.

Reiko will start school next week, also the same day when I'm gonna start training a new hire class at work. I will be working on day shift for 17 days! Hello there body clock!

To start this anniversary month with a bang, let me share to you 6 Things On My #MakeItHappen Checklist this month.

Here yah go!!!

1. Bake something. Cake, cookies, whatevah! So help me God! 

2. Prepare Reiko's snacks for school everyday. 

3. List one good thing that happened for the day. There must be something right??? 

4. Get a new haircut!!!

5. Wear stilettos at least once a week (hahaha!). Ditch the sneakers, for now!

6. Spend one Saturday or Sunday just watching movies and eating in bed. Ahhh, life! And I hope it rains when this happens! 

Since I'll be busy with work and preschool, I listed down those things so that I won't have any excuses when coming up with interesting things to do. I have a list handy!

Being busy is different from being productive - I should think about this all the time. In other words, we can always find time to do things that are important to us. Yep, wearing stilettos once a week is important to me. Hehehe!! 

That's me talking to myself. If that sounds like you too, well and good! :)
Talk soon! ♥

Osmeña Peak: It's The Climb!

Osmeña Peak

Our little Sunday adventure at Osmeña Peak yesterday resulted to a slight body pain but I'd have to say I took that experience to heart since it doesn't happen all the time. I'm so excited to share! Here's the story.. and the photos. 

Our group of 4 left while it's still dark since we wanted to be at the peak by early morning. It was a 2.5-hour ride from Cebu going to Dalaguete junction where we had to stop to ride a habal-habal (motorcycle). When we got off the bus around 6am, drivers were literally swarming all over us that we got so confused which one to ride. 

We paired up and decided to take the first motorcycle that parked in front of us. We would have to travel 18 kilometers (according to our driver) or 30 minutes to the base of the mountain where we're supposed to start our trek to Osmeña Peak or O-Peak. 

It was a butt-numbing ride! It was breathtaking too! Figuratively and literally. We were so amazed (and thankful) that the roads are already fully cemented so despite the long travel, it turned out smooth and easy except for the occasional uphill climb. 

Imagine that I was snapping photos while on the motorcyle. It was like a scene on The Fast and The Furious but the scenery was so captivating! I looked to the left, right, and up. It's all beautiful. I wished I could stop the motorcycle.

I love this tree. I looked up and saw this. I couldn't miss the chance to snap a photo. I love it so much!!!

Osmeña Peak

The sun was just rising on our way there. We would have loved to be at the peak by sunrise but it wasn't possible for us that time. 

Osmeña Peak

I can't imagine I snapped this photo (and other photos) while on the scene of The Fast and the Furious. LOL. It didn't look shaky or blurry but it was a challenge to take photos using a mobile phone while riding a motorcycle. I held on to my phone like it was my dear life. 

Osmeña Peak

The sky is such a masterpiece! It's like saying, you're almost there!

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak
*This is their "gasoline station" along the way. Resourceful people!

Upon reaching the base of the mountain, we were greeted by our tour guide. I think he was in high school but there were other tour guides who were as young as 8 years old. You can choose not to have a guide though but there's the risk of getting lost or going the wrong path.

I looked back to how far we've traveled to reach the base. I could see the white road and the rest was whooaah. It was far! Really it was just 30 minutes but it seemed like forever.

Osmeña Peak

And so the trek began. We didn't even warm up! But I've read that it's just a "short" trek and is definitely tolerable for beginners. Why not?! 

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak

We passed by some limestones (I think). We were really cautious with every step because the path was a little slippery due to the rain the night before. 

Osmeña Peak

So many tents at the campsite!!!

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak

We were told by our driver that some of the campers went back to the base the night before because of the cold temperature. Our guide pointed the peak to us. It looked so easy to get there if you're looking from afar. But eehhh, not really except maybe if you're a true blue mountaineer. 

Osmeña Peak

After a few more steps, we're finally up!!! It took us approximately 25-30 minutes. Hurraaayyy, we made it!!! Up there was a sight to behold. It's amazing!! And it was my first time to climb like that. O-Peak is considered the highest point in Cebu and I'm so happy I conquered it! 

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak

Look who's with me? Jhanis, The Vanilla Housewife! Because bloggers rule! :p

Osmeña Peak
Osmeña Peak

Let me tell you how I got there, I mean the photo below. Jhanis got there first. It looked scary. And it is if you're faint-hearted and afraid of heights. I didn't want to try it at first but when I did, it was fairly easy.. as long as you're calm and steady. 

Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak

When my husband saw this photo below, I think he froze and said WTH did you think you were doing?!

Osmeña Peak

Selfie from above. Guess where I was seated this time? 

Osmeña Peak

Here!!! Yeah right on top of that big rock in the middle. It was a nice feeling!! That was Jhanis down there, she went up first before I did. You can say I was following her lead. Hahaha! 

Osmeña Peak

I'm the queen of the world!!! It was really the adventure I needed to end this summer and to start the week with a bang (and with body pain). So liberating and super worth it, promise! 

Osmeña Peak

Thank you for reading!!! ♥


Osmeña Peak, Badian, Cebu
Cebu South Bus to Dalaguete Junction - 2.5 hours via Ceres bus; Php105 (one-way)
Dalaguete Junction to base of Osmeña Peak - 30 minutes via habal2x; Php200/person 
(roundtrip; they will wait for you at the base)

*We paid Php100 to our tour guide. There's no fixed amount. I've heard that most people pay Php20 per person. There were 4 of us so we decided to just give Php25 each to our very patient guide.

The Day I Wanted to Delete my Blog

I can't believe that I've come to a point when I suddenly just wanted to delete my blog and forget I ever owned a blog. Yep, it happened when one day last week, I was trying to edit something on my template and when I checked back.. everything was messed up! The theme, the design, the customizations, and worse the comments. I couldn't find any of my blog comments!

5 Awesome Things To Do When In Dakak

Are you planning to go on an ultimate beach vacation or adventure? Since it's summer here in the Philippines, I think it would be nice to share my Dakak Park & Beach Resort experience once again, and now with what I hope are much better details. It was August 2013! Sheesh.