Still A Happy Ending

Come on, I'll let you in on a little story of how my birthday week, the first week of December, turned out for me. These events happened in Philippine Standard Time. 

December 2, Tuesday. 
I went home from work at around 5am and halfway through my travel, it rained very hard. I slipped when I got off from the vehicle I was riding. It was darker than usual because of the rain so I didn't see the ground. All I knew was that I was reaching for my other shoe while grunting in pain, my other hand was holding a big wall clock given to me by my previous trainee. I couldn't stand right away. I just noticed my left foot bleeding. Did I mention it was raining hard? I tried so hard to reach a shelter because I was shivering! 
Thankfully, there was a shelter so I sat on the ground for God-knows how long just to wait for the pain to subside. I called my husband several times but what do I expect? It was 5am and I bet he's still sound asleep. A phone call won't ever wake him up even if his life or my life depends on it. But it's not his fault so I just prayed that a cab would pass so I could go home. As if heaven heard me, there was a cab! So I was home in about 20 minutes. 
I knocked on the door while crying in pain. Cleaned up and went to sleep. 

December 3, Wednesday. 
My husband did a warm compress on my injured left foot. It was swelling and it was very painful to walk. I woke up with an ant bite on my right eye because who the heck eats cupcakes in bed?! It made me look like an alien. Or someone who cried non-stop for a million years. My eye was itchy and bulgy. It wasn't a pretty sight. What? A swollen left foot and swollen right eye. Just my luck!
I thought of calling in at work. I also thought that no one could take over my class so off to work I went. With my swollen left foot and swollen eye. The crazy traffic made me walk several miles to get a ride. Don't forget the swollen foot and eye. 
When I arrived in the office, I told my class that I was a very lucky girl and told them to cooperate so we could finish the agenda early. I couldn't take it anymore so I left work at lunch time. I needed rest. Or booze. 
December 4, Thursday. 
Everything went quite well. My foot was not so painful anymore and my eye somehow returned to its normal state. Thank goodness! There's nothing more relieving than being able to talk to people face to face instead of bowing my head because of a bulging eye and answering the question what happened to your eye? Enough already! 
December 5, Friday.
Yey, I could finally walk properly but still with slight pain. My eye was fully back to normal. I had two pizza parties. One with my training team and another with my recent new hire class. 
But before that, there was a big fight in the house... that involved the police. As early as 9am. That made me shiver. And made me cry again for the nth time this week. And made me tell myself, is this how I'm going to celebrate my birthday? Really? What have I done wrong? 

December 6, Saturday. 
Pre-birthday night out was cancelled because of Typhoon Ruby. Grocery shopping. Stayed home and slept the entire day. I had to regain my momentum. Woke up at night and wrote on my journal. About how I had a series of unfortunate events before my birthday. About how every year, there's always something bad that had to happen before my birthday. 
And this year is not excused. On another note, I am thankful that the typhoon is not as bad as last year's. By midnight, I started receiving birthday greetings and well wishes. One of the best parts! 

December 7, Sunday. 
My 26th birthday! With everything that happened, I thought this day would never come. But it did! And I'm very thankful. I originally planned a backyard barbecue party. But how the heck would I do that with the typhoon? So sadly, I had to cancel yet again. With the wind still blowing a little hard and with a little rain, my husband went out at noon to buy stuff for our birthday dinner. 
I waited. And waited. And waited. And waaaaiiiiiteedddd. A gazillion Facebook likes and thank you comments after, no husband. Reiko and I slept through the afternoon. At 5pm, we woke up and still no husband. And I thought to myself. Wow, it's my birthday and I'm damn hungry! I'm supposed to be eating a lot but where's the husband? Where's the food? He said he would cook for us! 
At around 6:30pm, my husband arrived. WITH NOTHING! I thought the worst was over. But it wasn't. He said he had to look around because he lost the money for the food. He was already at the grocery counter and when he was about to pay, he realized he lost the money. It fell somewhere he didn't know and he didn't want to go home with nothing. 
I was upset. I cried a little and told him he was so careless. He was so sorry. Then I told myself.. it was just money. I know I couldn't find one even if I walk around the city all day but I can always earn it. And it's lost and there's nothing I could do about it anymore. So I told him to just forget about it and we'd just sleep early. But he didn't want to end the day with nothing so we went out to grab my favorites - pork liempo, Black Forest cake, and ice cream. I bought a robot for Reiko then we ate at home. Just like that. And I'm happy. 

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