My Momentary Bliss

This week, I have the best sleep ever!!! For so long, I haven’t slept at night for straight days because of the demands of my job. As most of you already know, I’m working on a graveyard shift but this month I’m scheduled to work on a day shift. Lo and behold, I have 17 days to celebrate this once in a lifetime phenomenon! Hahaha! And I better seize the moment because after 17 days, I’ll be back to the graveyard shift! Sucks!

So I’m working from 10am to 7pm and when I get home, I get to sleep early.. as early as 8:30pm or 9pm. And yes, I’m gonna say it again! BEST.SLEEP.EVER. Did I mention how much sleep I badly wanted to have with this crazy workload and schedule changes I have at work?? I guess you know what I mean.

That also explains why I've only been blogging once a week so please forgive me! LOL. I've been catching up with reading and commenting on your blogs though. I’ve got so many posts saved that I really want and love to read when I have more time. I’m taking it one day at a time. This too shall pass and I can’t wait for my long holiday vacation!

Now, I really just have to savor this momentary bliss of working during the day. Except from the occasional but tolerable traffic in the morning, everything has been perfect so far. I wake up in the morning feeling very energized and ready to start the day. There’s that nice feeling of waking up early in the morning while it’s still peaceful and cool. I haven’t had that for quite some time!

I sometimes get to do it during weekends but now, I get to do it everyday! I eat well. I sleep well. My eyebags are no longer that obvious, they significantly reduced! Haha! Amazing what a good sleep can do to our body and soul! Plus I get just the right amount of sunshine to keep me human. Awwww, happiness!

On another note, can you believe it’s almost the end of the year? Cliché question! I can’t! But I love it. I have so many plans for next year that I hope I’ll boldly take. And due to my obsession with planners, I already ordered my customized Belle De Jour 2015 planner!! I’m very excited to receive it because it has so many great features. This is my second year using their planner and I’ve been very pleased since getting their Everything Is Possible planner this year. 

Now, time to do a little check which goals I have actually achieved so far... and tada!!! I only have one from my list!!!! Do I feel bad? Naahh, not really! I'm gonna change my strategy next year and see which one works for me best. I just want to live life as it happens. And be happy. 

How about you? Have you done a little check? Any momentary bliss? :) 

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