Live and Give Thanks

What are you thankful for? It pays to write them down. :)
There's no Thanksgiving Day in the Philippines but there are surely a lot of things to be thankful for, big things and small things alike. By the way, today I'm saying goodbye to my 17 days of momentary bliss from working on a day shift. 

I'll be back to grave yard shift tonight. It was really a great 17 days. This is also my last week with the last new hire class I'm handling for the year. Just a little story about them though..

This Facebook post garnered a lot of likes than I expected. Maybe because people who kinda know me would know that I'm not the type who would do something like it. But I did. I can't remember what I said in full. I knew there was an emotional conversation that time between my two trainees and I while the rest of the class was listening.
Take note, that wasn't the first time they did it in class and I was just so disappointed because I had to remind them over and over again. I also didn't feel the need to justify my action because for me, it was just right. 
I didn't shout. There's no need to. But I'm pretty sure I was in my most sarcastic tone. Apparently, it worked. Because from then on, they were never asleep in my class anymore. Win! Sometimes you just have to target these guys' egos. HA!! Don't get me wrong. I love this class, 14 of them! They're very fun to be with. 
The fact that it's largely populated by male species made it very rowdy though. They're a bunch of early twenty somethings who aren't quite sure if working is their best option to live. I don't take it personally. Whatever I say to them is really just work-related. We can still all be friends at the end of day. 

ANYWAY. Going back to being thankful. I'm thankful for...
1. The 17 days of momentary bliss!!! And the best sleeps ever!!
2. A job that pays the bills and puts food on our table. Surviving the days, weeks, and months on one income only. I can't believe we've been doing it for more than 6 months now. 
3. A long holiday vacation! Two more upskill classes to go and we're home-bound! I'm excited! 
4. A time to rest and a time to blog. Even when my blogging life is sometimes taking the back seat, I'm still thankful that every time I go online and blog, it still feels something new to me, something fresh, and there's always something great to look forward to. 
5. Trainees who make me smile everyday despite being rowdy and unpleasant sometimes. Still, they give me inspiration knowing that I'm doing something right. 
6. A happy disposition in life. Really, worrying and complaining don't change anything so right now, I always do my best to focus on what makes me happy as a person. I want to smile as much as I can!
7. A husband who takes care of Reiko while I'm working. If not for him, I'll be a zombie with walking eye bags everyday at work. 
8. My forever inspiration -- who's sitting on my lap right now while I'm typing this. 

9. Family and friends. They're so far yet so near. Thanks to technology too because we can easily get in touch with each other. 

10. A blessed life. It's not perfect. We don't have much and I guess it's okay as long as we are happy and healthy. 
I have so many things to be thankful for but they won't fit here. Thanks to you who's reading this blog, whether you are a loyal reader & commenter, a first-timer, a silent reader, a lurker, a liker, or a sharer. You are greatly appreciated. Thanks for keeping this blog alive! ♥

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