Live and Give Thanks

What are you thankful for? It pays to write them down. :)

24: Live Another Day

24: Live Another Day

I don't watch a lot of movies or TV shows but when I do, it's because I'm really hooked. I guess you can call me unpredictable. I loved Gossip Girl a lot and it's one of the shows that made me thought about family and relationships all the time. 

My Momentary Bliss

This week, I have the best sleep ever!!! For so long, I haven’t slept at night for straight days because of the demands of my job. As most of you already know, I’m working on a graveyard shift but this month I’m scheduled to work on a day shift. Lo and behold, I have 17 days to celebrate this once in a lifetime phenomenon! Hahaha! And I better seize the moment because after 17 days, I’ll be back to the graveyard shift! Sucks!