First Content Writing Experience

First Content Writing Experience

One day, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw an advertisement about an online job. I looked it up and found out that they were looking for freelance writers. Aha! I liked it right away and looked up the website but before I registered, I researched and read lots of reviews first. I don't wanna be a victim of just another online scam.

Guess what I found out? It's legit!! Whew! And it's based in the Philippines so I don't have to worry about payment terms because their payment system is through several banks in the country and their main bank is also where I bank. All the reviews were great and they say that it's probably the only online writing job in the country that's legit and will pay immediately. Goodie good, I'm sold!

To give you an idea, I've been actively looking for an online job that will eventually and hopefully replace my current full-time job. I want it to be something that will not suck the joy out of blogging from me. I always repeat to myself that I may make a small amount of money from blogging but that's certainly not why I'm blogging in the first place. For that reason, I have to look for other online jobs other than blogging. Blogging is NOT an easy business and I admire those people who can keep up with it.

SO going back... when I registered to this online website I'm telling you, I received a message saying that I could start immediately contrary to what I've read from the reviews that people had to submit a sample first and have it approved before they can start writing and get paid. They assigned me to a starting team and implored that I read their holy online manual first before asking questions. So I did. I supposed I understood everything correctly.

I had to click a button to claim an assignment anytime I want and write something about it. Each assignment has a corresponding number of points, 1 point = Php 1. Just so you know right away, Php 1 = $0.02! I know, I know. They pay really, really low. But just like all the positive reviews I've read, they said that it's not only money that they earn but also skills and discipline. Skills? Because each assignment is a set. Meaning in one assignment, you'll be asked to write 5 articles with 500 words each! And you have to consider keywords and keyword density for SEO purposes. Most of the time one assignment has 300 points so that's Php 300 and that's around $7. Yep, $7 for 5 articles with 500 words!

First Content Writing Experience

They do offer a promise that if you constantly submit high quality articles and you always meet your deadlines which is often after 24 hours from the time you claimed your assignment, you will be promoted to a team that has access to higher-paying assignments. You can also apply for a grace period if you can't submit on time and you're given an extension for another 24 hours. If you can't submit on time, you'll get a warning - meaning you can't claim any assignments yet until you complete 5 sets, that's about 25 articles! Now, that's discipline!

I was asked to try their quick start challenge. I was just looking around my dashboard. I didn't click to claim anything but to my surprise, an assignment was assigned to me and my time was already running! I had to write 5 articles with 500 words each following the guidelines given by the client. It's like getting a big rock and hitting my head with it! Ouch, how was I supposed to complete it when I have work that day? I have until 8 am of the next day to submit.

After realizing what I did, I slept through the day and started writing my articles when I arrived at work that night. I wrote and wrote during down times like when my class was taking their assessment, during my breaks, and lunches. I was able to complete 3 articles with more than 500 words. At 4 am, I was set to finish my last 2 but I got really drained and tired. I decided to ask for an extension but nobody in their LIVE chat support was there to assist me so I just let it go.

While waiting for the warning on my dashboard (which by the way is not yet showing until now), I searched for reviews again. But still, all reviews I've read are positive! I was actually looking for a negative review but there was none. I did find one anonymous comment on a positive review. The comment was "do they credit you for whatever you write?"  And that got me thinking. He or she was right, whoever that commenter was.

First Content Writing Experience

We're being asked to write original and high quality articles and based on the online manual, all that we write are just for web content.. but are we being credited for our articles? When I write something about What Does It Take To Be A Change Agent and when it's published, will it say it's written by me? Or will it appear under a different name? Or no name at all? I haven't considered asking. And when I read the entire manual, it wasn't stipulated.

It makes sense. It does, right? Or not? Web content writing. Writing several articles with no credits to the writer's name. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Writing for the sake of SEO, keywords, and keyword density. I don't think I can do it. It's so difficult! I'm sure it can be learned but.. would I write something about flash disks, and ropes, and electrical stuff when I'm not even interested in them? And I'm not even credited for my own work? MAYBE, if that's what I do for a living. And there's nothing wrong with it if you do it right. But who knows who might claim my work as theirs?

I guess what I wanna say here is that.. I want to write about things I'm passionate of and I want my voice to be heard.

Have you tried content writing? Would you write something even when you're not actually credited for it? 

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