Sponsored Post Gone Bad

Sponsored Post Gone Bad

I've been blogging for more than 5 years now and I never even once earned a single cent from this hobby. I do it because I just love expressing my voice through writing. However, as time passed, I've learned so many things about blogging from so many different bloggers and that includes the ability to earn out of what I love doing.

Although I don't have any monetary earnings from blogging right now, I never dismissed the idea of someday earning even just a little from it. It never hurts to try, I told myself.

There have been a couple of companies or brands that approached me through email saying that they want to collaborate with me on one of their projects or campaigns. Some said they would give me a discount on my purchases, some said they will pay me through Paypal, some offered a giveaway, and some just said they would give me a nice shout out if I write something about them.

Even though I've been blogging for 5 years and have read many blogs that are earning money from affiliate links or sponsored posts, I've never really researched about them and for the life of me, I am not really sure how brands work. I am confident though that given the opportunity, I can come up with a valuable sponsored post.

Due to lack of research and at some point, lack of time, I haven't committed to any sponsored post yet. I told myself that I'm not going to dive into any sponsored post without enough knowledge about it. And even if I do, I'm not gonna bombard my blog and my readers with sponsored posts only. Recently though, one brand emailed me. Their PR representative said they they're interested in collaborating  with me through a sponsored post and possibly a giveaway. She was all praises for my blog.

I know I'm still a beginner when it comes to blogging for business so before I agreed, I researched and read blogs about how to write a good sponsored post and how much bloggers usually charge for it. I came up with different yet similar formula and calculations. I specifically researched about writing sponsored posts for beginners. I found this very comprehensive summary of how much bloggers deserve to charge on sponsored posts from Successful Blogging.

I don't expect to be paid a large amount knowing that my blog reach and following are not as big as other blogs out there but I can say that I have a pretty good number of loyal friends and blog readers who may benefit from what I will offer. I'm actually willing to write for any amount although I've read posts telling us bloggers that we may be undercharging if we're not careful.

After series of emails, the PR rep asked me how much I charge for a sponsored post, I gave her a figure. Then she replied with this exact line - "I'm sorry that your charge is over our budget. Cause your blog does not have flow, we will only charge $X.XX for it." To which I replied - "Hi (Name), what flow do you mean exactly?"

I waited for her response because I wanted to know what she meant as I honestly didn't understand. Well, guess what? She never did. So I'm left thinking that there's this brand PR rep who was all praises at first for my blog and when I disclosed the fee, suddenly said something apparently opposite of what she originally said about my blog.

I may have a different understanding of this so let me know what you think. Don't get me wrong though, I don't usually take things personally except if it's something my husband or parents say. But it seems to me that there are some brands that say something good about your blog even when it's not what they really mean to say. Or some of them take advantage of smaller blogs like mine?

Shouldn't they be charging for the amount of work that needs to be done and the amount of time it takes to get the job done plus the amount of effort needed to get their brand promoted to our readers? Those things aside from the obvious number of pageviews, stats, and social media following although not all brands would probably look at just the numbers alone. And not because your blog does not have (a) flow, whatever that flow meant? Especially that they ruled that out when they presented their offer? And oh yeah, why did they approach me in the first place when they don't even see the flow they like on my blog?

I was actually very willing to negotiate with that PR rep because honestly, I liked their company and their website, and like what most bloggers would advise -- choose a product or a brand that you believe in and would benefit your readers. I even told her what I'm planning to do in addition to what she instructed but well, seems like she's not interested anymore upon hearing about the fee.

Also, I'm very open to constructive feedback or anything you have to say about my blog so she could just have explained to me what she meant so that I'd learn from it. Instead, she chose to just ignore me.

I'm sure there are other bloggers out there who may have a similar experience. I also want to look at this as objectively as I can because hey, this is my first attempt and it never went well.

Let me hear your thoughts though! :) And again, thank you for reading!  

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