How Should You Unplug?

I vowed to be away from social media. When I told myself I needed a break and should be offline for an entire day once a week? When I decided to have a No Social Media Tuesday?

Well, that DIDN'T happen at all. And I'm not sure if I should be happy or what. So how do I unplug? My PC lost its internet connection last Sunday for-no-apparent-reason! Yep, no connection until now! And as usual, I would always find a way to be online. I used my phone's data plan and activated its Wifi hotspot sharing then used the laptop to access the internet! For some reasons, my phone's Wifi won't connect to my PC. 

So see how I always, always find a way? I'm on break at work right now and I still found a way to blog! And that's why I couldn't bring myself to unplug for ONE whole day. 

And just for fun and probably for all its/it's worth, I took this How Should You Unplug? quiz I found online. It's very timely! I'm not saying I believe everything I read online but hey, it makes sense too! Read on for the result of my quiz. 

By the way, I'm getting addicted in making graphics in PicMonkey like the one above, lol. Just can't get enough, and notice that I always use pink. Haha. 

Now going back.. I think I may need to follow just that. You know -- wander around the city without any technology. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I can still go home even without a phone. Right? Right? 

So tell me, how should you unplug? How do you unplug? Do you? And wanna take the quiz too? Click HERE.

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