How Can I Not Love You

My husband turned 29 last Monday. We both had to work and could not spend more time at home because I had to change my shift this week for a new class. We had an early birthday plus mother's day sort-of celebration last Saturday night though. And for the first time in as long as I can remember, we had our much needed kid-free date night.

Thanks to free buffet gift certificates from his colleague. Turned out that they all got bored at work so they played a trivia game and the winner would receive free gift certificates. And of course, my husband is the ultimate trivia geek, ask him anything about the world and he can answer.. which actually makes me feel a little dumb sometimes! Haha! So.. he won! 

We made an agreement that he would be the master this week since it's his birthday so I won't complain or say anything about what he wants to do unless it's completely unreasonable. Plus I thought I'd send him over this poem I came up with 4 years ago back when we were still going out as friends.

Actually, I am not sure if this will pass as a poem because some lines do not rhyme at all. I wrote it anyway but I never gave it to him. I thought it was cheesy and I'm never the one to be showy of my emotions. I did publish it here on my blog last 2010. And now I'm publishing it again. 

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