A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Every picture has a story. It can be a story of joy, pain, bitterness, absurdity, love, survival, longing, sadness, or nothingness. Lately, I've been scavenger-hunting the internet for any photo that may have a significance to me or my family.

I'm still a little bitter over Multiply. I mean where was I when they announced they'd be closing?? Multiply served as my archive of photos back in high school and college. But when they closed, I lost all photos and wasn't able to back them up!

So thinking about what happened, I thought of downloading my entire Facebook life! Yes, Facebook has an option to download your page - messages, videos, photos, everything! You know, just in case Facebook will close tomorrow. Haha! 

While looking for photos here and there, I came across my best friend's blog post, Depictions - And The Drama Behind. It was posted back in 2009 and so I was inspired to create a similar post.

There are 35 prompts and you have to post a photo for each but I'm going to post the first half today and the second half on Wednesday. But I have to go easy on the photo size because I'm posting a total of 18 photos! Tada! It's fun and it's nostalgic too. So many memories. And the best part is looking for that perfect photo that best fits the prompt! 

Edited or not. Funny or what! Now let's get reminiscing! 

1. A picture of you in your room. 

A rare case of selfie just to see how I look with my new lipstick on. Haha

2. A picture of you posing with someone you don't actually like.

This is funny. Of course, I'm not going to say who the person is. LOL

3. A picture with a former crush.

Okay, I'm not being safe. I really don't have a picture of my former crush aside from my husband so I posted our photo instead. After all, he was my former crush! Haha

4. A picture of you very drunk. 

I didn't look drunk at all, did I? LOL. This was before my married life and it was the day before the national election so naturally there was a liquor ban and we were only allowed to drink until midnight so we hoarded as many drinks as we can! There, drunk as a drunkard. #notproud

5. A picture of you with a parent or two. 

6. A picture of you on your birthday or favorite holiday.

7. A picture of you from your younger years. 

High school - more than 10 years ago. 

8. A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits. 

9. A picture of you making a goofy face at the camera.

A goofy and awkward face. The mandatory studio picture with college besties. 

10. A picture you might have edited to make yourself more attractive. 

This is another funny one. Puh-leaasse! Haha. I edited it but not really to make myself attractive but just to hide the small break-out on my forehead that time! Haha. 

11.  A picture of you in a team or a club you're in. 

12. A picture of a night you regret. 

You can tell by my face that I regretted the night. Simply because I wasn't in the mood to go out but I needed to meet my friends plus I didn't like the food. Or maybe those were my hormones acting up because I was already pregnant in this picture.&nbsp

13. A picture of you showing a new haircut. 

This was really right after I went out of Bench Fix some 4 years ago. 

14. A picture of you truly being yourself. 

So can you already see my tonsils?? Hahaha! Some 10 years ago. I really love singing my heart out. 

15. Your most recent picture.

Can't believe my most recent was a month ago! 

16. A picture of you being absolutely ridiculous. 

Yep, this was 2002! I was the one holding a paper bill! Haha

17. A picture you're tagged in on Facebook that you aren't actually in. 

18. A picture of a time in your life that's over but you wish it hasn't. 

This is bittersweet. This picture was taken right after our thesis defense back in college and only 3 of  us from the group were graduating on time. This is also memorable because it's the first time we celebrated success without alcohol, just Coca-cola and banana cue.


If you've gone through the entire post, thank you! So do you have picture of you being absolutely ridiculous or a time in your life that's over but you wish it hasn't? Let me know! And be back to see the next part of this post. :)

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