Flying With A Toddler

Reiko and I are flying this Sunday. We're leaving for my hometown to celebrate his third birthday on Tuesday. At last, I can have my much needed break from work for one week. So, where's the husband you may ask? He's not flying with us. He has a new job, remember? To date, this is going to be the third trip to my hometown without my husband.

When Reiko was 1 and 2 years old, we already flew together, yep, just the two of us. And did I mention? That those were the most uncomfortable flights I've ever had. So I always have this feeling inside me that whenever we're flying, Reiko throws the best worst tantrums ever. And these usually happen.. when my husband is not around. My husband can utter just one word with his very firm voice which would make Reiko stop crying.. but it never works when I'm the one doing it! Why oh why?!

That is how skinny I am (see below).. and that is my son. With his little legs, he runs as fast as an ostrich, okay, probably a toddler ostrich. Most of the time I have to stop and catch my breath while chasing him. I've traveled with him before and I DID IT without my husband, so why worry now? Somehow there's this anxiety inside me that I don't want to entertain but it keeps on coming back. 

What if he gets lost in a sea of people in the airport while I'm at the check-in counter? Can I just tie him to me? What if he won't stop crying again during boarding time when he sees his father leave realizing that he'll be traveling without him? I'm thinking that we just go to the airport without my husband so that Reiko won't have to see him leave.

What if he will cry and scream inside the plane and the only thing that can stop him from crying is a ridiculously-priced piece of chocolate cake? That he'd just play with and never eat by the way.

What if I suddenly and badly feel the need to pee and he's sound asleep? Where would I leave him? What if he runs inside the male's restroom again and I have to get in just to get him (no matter how embarrassing it is)?

What if he won't allow me to put him down and instead just want me to carry him for the entire time even though every single cell in my body is already shaking from carrying him for almost 3 hours? And below are some of his ways to make sure he gets his point across.

TOO MANY WHAT IFS, what am I gonna do? Yes, all of the above-mentioned happened before, except that I never lost him in the airport. I'd probably die with panic if that happens! Whew. Now that I've let it all out, I bet I can finally say this. Let me say this once and for all.

Anyway, before you feel like I'm exaggerating to the highest heavens, we'll only be flying for an hour and 5 minutes maximum. Once the plane takes off, Reiko always falls asleep and wakes up during landing. Then we'll just wait for my parents to pick us up and we should.. be.. good.. Right? Easy peasy! It's all in the mind!

OKAY. I CAN DEFINITELY DO THIS AGAIN. I'VE DONE IT BEFORE. IT SHOULDN'T BE AS HARD. Right? :) As the famous song goes.. I believe I can fly.. 

Have you also encountered a similar situation when you're traveling with your kids? I'd love to hear your stories! :)

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