#Throwback Sunday

During my 3-day stay in GenSan City (my hometown) a week ago, I stumbled upon my old stuff from years ago. I am known to be someone who keeps even the simplest of things especially if it has a significant value. This blog is so close to my heart so I'm therefore sharing my mementos here today. It's throwback time!

I'd like to introduce you to my favorite journal in college. I already started blogging that time but I still kept a paper journal because writing on a paper always gives me the feeling of sheer happiness. Plus I have a very neat and nice handwriting and I'd like to brag about that to myself (only). 

Welcome to the first page. You'll see a photo of my ultimate high school barkada during a Valentine's Day (that's why we're all wearing a red top). There's also a flower which was given to me by my friend and some lines from my favorite book Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho.

My high school bestfriend Sanrio Mariz gave these notes to me when we were in 4th year. We used to play with our handwriting, if you're right-handed then you write using your left hand and vice versa. That's the effect. :)

This song by Introvoyz was dedicated to someone 
I liked back in high school. 

One of my favorite songs in high school was Runaway Train by Radiohead.
My friends love this too! It's still a favorite until now.

These are some of the memories I had back when I was so obsessed with Parokya ni Edgar that I'd follow them whenever they visited Davao City.

A time in my life when I just had to sing in front of the crowd for the first time JUST to win a prepaid card! Haha crazy!! I was a freshman in college.

When I actually acknowledged that there's something I can do, I joined a Civic Journalism Workshop. :)

My college friends gave me a bouquet of flowers on my 19th bday.
We call ourselves XMEN. Haha

I love this tip I cut out from a newspaper but I forgot where I got it.
 True enough, it is.

I received this cute little flower from my college bestfriend on my 20th birthday.
Along with it was a pack of cigarettes. Puff!

When I flipped the pages of my journal, an envelope fell and when I opened it, I was surprised to see this. I already forgot I actually wrote this - a letter to someone really special to me written on three pages of stationery papers with very tiny handwriting. I never gave it anyway. :)

 My box of letters from friends and acquaintances.

This box contained letters from way back my kindergarten days. I just love keeping them and re-reading them if I have time. Makes me feel that I have a very memorable childhood.

Do you also keep mementos from your childhood? High school or college days? ♥


  1. Oh... lovely box, great idea!!!
    Have a fab sunday darling!

  2. Awww love to go such through memories mself :)
    Btw you can win a AX PARIS dress on Overdivity
    Good luck :)

  3. YES! I totally kept journals! And my daughter does/did too. But now that it's online we can't keep all those scraps that were important. I wonder if all that "stuff" will be lost to this generation? If so, it will be so sad... it's fun to touch and feel it all and scroll through the pages, don't you think?
    xo ~kim & chloe

  4. WOW!!! I also have one!! love to read cause bring back memories!!! love it so much.. thanks for posting this..!!!♥


  5. @Paola. Thanks much! I wonder if you also kept something like this before? Lol.

  6. @Ancia. Thank you! Its so nostalgic right? Will definitely drop by your blog :)

  7. @Popcosmo. I really hope stuff like this will remain until this generation given the social media and the internet. You're right, it will be sad if it gets lost. The internet can disappear anytime (hope not) but the journals? You can keep them as long as you like! :)

  8. @Ella. Thank you. I'm glad you also keep one! :)
    @Makoiskii. IKR? OPM all the way! Haha

  9. wow, that's some precise chronicling of your life in college. i don't think i'll have the patience to be thorough with stuff like you. but i kept some journals too. i finished 3 notebooks if i'm not mistaken. i can only laugh now everytime i read through it again. oh to be young and foolish! haha.

  10. hahaha thank you rose! i guess im like that - precise and thorough. lol. i think journals are really part of any girl's life (somehow). hehe

  11. Have a great start of the week Rea!!!!

  12. nice to see how you kept that stuff, it's great to have!
    like the post
    shall we follow Facebook/bloglovin
    greetings from Holland

  13. thank you kelly! nostalgic, isn't it? :)

  14. I am a keeper too! I have a journal when I was in high school and i let my classmates to give me a note because that was the time when I have to be separated from their section because I got high grades.

    That letter of yours was way tooooooo long and you have a nice penmanship! :) Why didn't you give it anyway? :D

  15. its really nice to keep a journal no? haha, well i didn't give my letter because i didn't have the guts to, that's why i was just surprised i still kept it. haha :)

  16. I use to this before but I didn't have the chance because of busy scheds during college but I still have those things with me too! I hide it! Hehe Yours looks interesting! Keep in touch! x


    1. haha i love my journal! its so classic. despite the busy college life, i still managed to find time to write. hehe