#Throwback Sunday

During my 3-day stay in GenSan City (my hometown) a week ago, I stumbled upon my old stuff from years ago. I am known to be someone who keeps even the simplest of things especially if it has a significant value. This blog is so close to my heart so I'm therefore sharing my mementos here today. It's throwback time!

Gloria De Dapitan Fantasy Land ♥

Do you watch Goin Bulilit? Good! Because this post is for adults ALSO! Are you a kid at heart? Then this place might just be the best bet for you! This charming theme-park located in Dapitan City is not just your ordinary park. It's magical and epic!

Sound Central in Dipolog City: One of A Kind KTV!

I am very obsessed with creative and amazing interior designs. If only my right side of the brain works better than my left one, I'll probably be more creative. But truth be told, I'm far from being creative! Hah! Or if I am, I think I need more effort to put things into place. 

One of the places I fell in love with is Sound Central. It's a small KTV Bar in Dipolog City where there's only one room and they just put VACANT or OCCUPIED sign on the door to notify customers. It's my first time to see this kind of place and I thought that it's really interesting (my kind of thing).