Soul Searching

I do not know exactly how to start this new blog so I thought of quoting something from what I've read some time last week. If you think about it, you can go ahead and think about it further.

The time I hit the legal age barrier, I was not sure how life would treat me. Things were a lot different from before. I was young and innocent. I lived by the rules and let the rules consume me. And then I realized that life is not all about rules, not all about dogmas and all that fuss. Life is how we live it.

I used to be always on the two sides of the coin. When I was being asked to choose between black and white, I'd say anything will do or black, white, it doesn't matter. When I was being asked to choose what I wanted to eat, I'd say I'll eat what you'll eat. See how I always go with the flow, how I was afraid to make my own decisions, how I was scared to deviate, how I was such a poor fellow who seemed to tag along with what others wanted.

And then I realized, I am not anybody else. I am myself. I cannot always follow all rules because rules try to box me and trap me in a maze where death is the only way out (not even death if you think about it). I was given the opportunity to be free but I didn't use it to my advantage. Worse, I even thought I was free but in truth, I wasn't.

Now, I am certain of one thing. That is, I am sure of myself, I understand what I do and I know what it takes to be me. Although I am still in the middle of searching for what I really want in life, I am pretty sure that I'm grounded. I still have a lot of things to learn and I need not chase what's elusive. Because if things are really for me, then fate will have its own way to lead me there.

"Maybe we should stop trying to label ourselves and accept the fact that we define ourselves every single day, taking notes from our past, our upbringing, our experiences... and always remember that we will not fit into any box, except for the ones we design ourselves." - Katrina Holigares, Metro Mag EIC 


  1. i remember ram using the word illusive for elusive. hahaha.

    anyway, kudos to this new blogsite. ifofollow ko to. hahahaha. mwamwa

  2. hahaha. ang saya. illusive gyud? hahaha
    anyway, thanks beans. loyal ka talaga!