Cherry Mobile Prepaid: 4 Budget-Friendly Offers You Need To Know

October 14, 2016

Are you an adventurer? A mobile phone addict? Or someone who needs to be online all the time? Now here's "Everything for everyone." This is the vision of Cherry Mobile with its continued commitment to bring the best mobile experience to every Filipino.

Cherry Mobile's dream of valuing everyone's lifestyle is now apparently becoming more successful as the leading local mobile phone brand partnered with Globe Telecom to launch its very own prepaid service called Cherry Prepaid. 

Cherry Prepaid has a very successful launch in Manila so they made it a point to reach out to Cebu subscribers too! Cebu has become a melting pot of many people in different walks of life. People from other provinces even move to Cebu to study and work. The new Cherry Prepaid (with phone bundles) is a very generous way of giving every Filipino an affordable and reliable mobile experience.

This definitely brings me back to my high school and college days when I still relied on my mother for my cellphone load because I knew Php 30 could still be spent for photocopies of reading materials in school. Ha!

Do you also remember the times when there were no electronic loads yet?? Those times when you had to buy an actual prepaid card for at least Php 300 each? No - you don't remember? How old are you again? Hmmm! Well, gone are those days! In fact, Cherry Prepaid has got us all covered with so many budget-friendly options. If you're from Cebu, read on for exclusive offers. 

Here are 5 service offers for every budget-conscious Filipino like me, and maybe you too?

1. As low as Php 29 prepaid sim

You've read that right my friend. Only Php 29! It's already pre-loaded with 50 texts to all networks for 2 days, and Free Facebook for 2 days upon Sim or phone bundle activation. With this SIM-only option, users can immediately call, text, and surf the Internet.

2. Cherry Prepaid Rewards

Cherry Prepaid gives a Php 10 Bonus Load reward to every subscriber who loads up to Php 50. That’s every time they cumulatively load Php 50. The Bonus Load can be used for Texts to all networks, Cherry Prepaid calls, and mobile internet. 

3. Affordable special offers for call, text, and internet surfing

  • For Php 5, Cherry Prepaid subscribers can text all-day to other Cherry Prepaid, Globe, and TM subscribers for 1 day
  • CMSURF20 – For Php 20, Cherry Prepaid subscribers have 200MB to surf in the internet for 7 days
  • CMUNLI15 – For Php 15, Cherry Prepaid subscribers can call & text all-day to Cherry Prepaid subscribers + all-day Facebook for 1 day

Exclusive Cebu Offer:
  • FREE CALL & TEXT to Cherry Prepaid for 3 months. Cherry Prepaid subscribers in Cebu can enjoy free call (up to 300mins) and all-day texts to any Cherry Prepaid number until December 31, 2016. To register, just text CPFREE to 1236. 

4. Value-packed Cherry Prepaid mobile phone bundles

Aside from the SIM-only option, Cherry Mobile also offers handsets embedded with a Cherry Prepaid SIM such as the following: 

  • CP1 Bar phone (Lite Bundle)
  • Astro Smartphone (Big Time Bundle)
  • Comet smartphone + CP2 bar phone (Partner Bundle)
  • CS100 – Cherry Prepaid mobile hotspot device

Exclusive Cebu Offer:
  • CP2 bar phone (Lite Bundle 2.0) Php 399 - BONUS CALL 120: Free 60mins. TRI-NET calls per month for 12 months + Additional free 60mins. TRI-NET calls when you load P20 per month for 12 months
  • Comet Smartphone (Big Time Bundle 2.0) Php 996 - BONUS SURF 350: Free 100MB per month for 12 months + Additional free 250MB when you load up to P50 per month for 12 months
  • J1s Smartphone (J1s Bundle) Php 1,996 - BONUS SURF 600: Free 100MB per month for 12 months + Additional free 500MB when you load up to P100 per month for 12 months

Lite, Big Time, or J1s bundle? Choose one that best fits your need! There's one that will surely suit your lifestyle. For a shutterbug and social media manager like me whose days revolve mostly on social media and the internet, I'll definitely go for the J1s Bundle! 

Cherry Mobile sure knows how to please the Filipino people with their affordable rates. As it partners with Globe Telecom, we certainly hope for a much bigger and better mobile connectivity that is available to all. 

Now that it's Christmas season, these phone bundles are perfect as gifts too! In fact, I got an early present from Cherry Mobile - the Big Time bundle! Now just look at the amazing prices of each bundle; your loved ones will surely thank you for a brand new phone. ;) 


*Prices and details stated above are correct and updated as of this writing but may be subject to change. For more information and updates on Cherry Prepaid and its services, visit:

Instagram: @cherryprepaid

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