[Blog Talk] Blissful Snapshots V2.0

June 4, 2016

[Blog Talk] Blissful Snapshots V2.0

Actually, V2.0 is a total lie. Because I've revised and change things up on this blog a thousand times. Lol. Some things I have sustained and others I haven't and totally gave up on. But people, you have to understand that things change as much as people do. I know I haven't been blogging as frequently as before (see reasons here) but I'm slowly gaining my momentum once again, so cheers to that!

Don't fret. I didn't change my blog's design again, haha - although I did that last March (I think) without actually telling everyone. I've been thinking a lot lately about what I can do to make my blogging life more interesting and not boring. I do think about blogging most of the time but I'm not always successful when coming up with ideas. I'm just really trying and trying and checking which ideas would survive. 

So to say that this is V2.0 is just sugar-coating, maybe.. in a good kind of way, because just imagine me saying Blissful Snapshots 1,999.0 - totally uncool. Ha-ha! Let me start by saying I have once again updated some old posts and deleted  I think about a hundred posts. I've already deleted several posts before that I feel don't make much sense just to save storage space.

*THROWBACK - Before Blissful Snapshots, there was REAlity Bites. And this was one of my favorite blog designs back then. ;) 

I also had a blog exercise before where I had to narrow down my blog scope or topics so I'd know exactly what to write about each time, without forcing a niche blog. I just think that over time and years of blogging, you will feel what's right for your blog and your niche will eventually find you. And really, if you don't like that, it's okay too. I've ventured into a lot of mixed topics here and there and I enjoyed writing those. 

Well I didn't make any drastic changes. I just felt that I needed to reformat so I thought of 3 main categories I'll blog about from now on that when people ask me what I blog about, I can easily say it. So here goes! 

I'm also working on blogging 3 times a week, sooner or later. I'm not quite sure how I'd do that but I'll come up with routines so I can make it happen without hurting my brain and my time. Wuhoo. ;) So I recycled some ideas I had before about theme day - I think I'm gonna have FunDayMonday, FoodieTuesday, and FabFriday! I HOPE. I REALLY, REALLY HOPE I can make it happen.. and be consistent about it. No  promises! Lol.

So here's more of what to expect.

It's no secret that I love adventures so definitely I'm going to continue writing about this stuff. My recent acquisition of a DSLR will hopefully make my adventure photos even better, brighter, and livelier! It's one aspect of my "creative" pursuits that I fully want to explore now. So I'm reading, studying, knowing, and practicing everything I can about DSLR photography one day at a time.

I'm no food blogger. I don't know a lot of culinary jargons and most of the time, I can't describe the taste of what I'm eating or drinking beyond the usual "it's sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, or minty" thing. I can't even cook to save my life. Plus my food photography skill is very mediocre. So why talk about food?

It's quite simple. BECAUSE I LOVE FOOD AND I LOVE EATING. Hopefully, I'll find the time to revive my Kitchen Newbie series, again, sooner or later. 

Last but not the least - inspirational and motivational posts are topics I've already been writing about eversince. So I decided to just add some flare and make them more fab!

I'm actually excited and inspired! It's like stepping into a whole new world!! Okaaay, not really a whole new world. Lol. But you get what I mean.

Much love to all of you! I've gone through my Bloglovin feed several times this week, read, and commented on some blogs to bring back my blogging love! Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin! You know you always have my back too! 

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