Sunday Breath of Fresh Air

April 21, 2016

In this super scorching hot summer of the Philippines, everyone is flocking to colder places, you're lucky if you can find one that won't break the bank! Malls are a sure hit as always - free AC, free window shopping, lol! 

In my case, I make sure not to go out of the house until the sun is down, unless absolutely necessary. Because it means sweating and burning inside, for real. Okay, so I'm talking too much about this country's heat (which I believe is as hot or even hotter than the upcoming elections, yes?). 

Good thing that last Sunday was a breath of fresh air (literally & figuratively) despite the scorching heat. At least, I got a quick stroll at the beach (not white sand by the way, but it's okay, doesn't matter for now). And a swimming pool too! And a campground. Better than nothing at all. 

Kiamba, Sarangani Province
*Back story: I pumped about 2 dozens of balloons that day using a plastic hand air pump. Did it alone which is why I got these "balloon photos" courtesy of my little sister. 

Kiamba, Sarangani Province
Kiamba, Sarangani Province

Ahhh, thanks two hours away from the city for the breath of fresh air! We arrived first and went home last so I saw different scenes - silence, stillness, party, kids running & swimming, and a lot more! 

*Reality kicked in once the kids arrived.

Kiamba, Sarangani Province
 *That's not even it. It's a big family reunion after all.

Kiamba, Sarangani Province
*Super spacious and big camping ground. The blue one was our tent and the beach was just outside. Very calming to hear the sound of the waves. 

Kiamba, Sarangani Province
*The makings of a frustrated guitarist (with the veiny hand). Lol. This was me just in front of the pool to look after Reiko who was on the pool from 1pm-5pm. Aaahh, and yes he got the best tan line after! Haha!

Kiamba, Sarangani Province
*And one of the best parts was of course, sunset. Photo by my little sister. 


Kiamba, Sarangani Province

HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND? ;) I miss reading blogs, gotta make time for that soon! Swear, xx! Too bad some photos are a lil pixelated because I had to crop them; the shore was messy (not with garbage though) when we arrived, hah! But I just bought a DSLR (finally), which I'll receive next month, so I hope for better photos sooooonnnnn!!!! ;)


Location: Mosqueda Beach Resort, Kiamba Sarangani Province
 (it's a private prop, so you gotta book the place in advance)

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