Social Media Habits: 5 Lifestyle Changes To Start Doing Now

March 18, 2016

Social Media Habits: 5 Lifestyle Changes To Start Doing Now

Seriously, who am I to talk about lifestyle changes about social media? When I probably didn't last a day without it? Now, this is exactly why I'm having a hard look at my social media habits. Working at home requires me to be in front of the computer for at least 8 hours and that's only for work. How about for Facebook, Instagram, and blogs? 

I know "lifestyle changes" sound like a big thing. And you probably hear a lot of people talking about social media as much as they are in social media (no, I'm not an exemption). But lately, I've finally come to terms with the effects of the digital world in my life. Which is why I thought of starting some rather simple (I hope) lifestyle changes that will make my life even better. 

Here's my list. 

1. Go offline before bedtime. 

Social Media Habits: 5 Lifestyle Changes To Start Doing Now

Bedtime for me is around 4am-5am. That's because I'm still working on a night shift at home. It's already challenging in itself to keep up with the night shift and my constant and endless social media scrolling before bedtime is making it even worse. 

Truth be told, I don't want to be sleep-deprived. I've proven time and again that I work best when I get enough quality sleep, despite the schedule. And I think it's true for most people. These past few days, I would usually put my phone away from my bed or somewhere I'd be too lazy to get it from when I feel the need to check it. 

True, I told myself to be offline at least an hour before sleeping. And I did so. 

2. Schedule social media time and blogging strategically, but not be pressured about it. 

Despite the "blogging pressure" sprouting here and there like - 1 Million Ways To Earn From Blogging, 10 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog, 94 Shocking Facts Your Blog Sucks To The Nth Level, Why A Lifestyle Blog Is Useless, and all sorts of articles circulating around telling me and my face that my blog should be consistently updated, otherwise nobody would read it -- okay, I'm running out of breath -- I have come to my own terms that all these might also just be marketing tricks, or not. 

Social Media Habits: 5 Lifestyle Changes To Start Doing Now

Well, my point is.. I admit that sometimes I also feel the pressure of leveling up as a pro-blogger, building my brand, my name, my mailing list, my followers, my whatever-I-have because a lot of bloggers seem to follow that trend. And while I don't have anything against that, the truth is - I JUST WANT TO WRITE AND SHARE. 

And sometimes it's okay if nobody will read it, but me. And my loyal circle of family, friends, blogger friends, and maybe silent readers? So I constantly tell myself - JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT. NO PRESSURE. 

THERE. That's really what I want. I don't care anymore if I earn money from blogging or not (earning from blogging which I aimed to do before). When I can write and share, everything else is a plus and a reward. 

So the bottom line is there shouldn't be any pressure on my part anymore if I'm sometimes absent from social media or blogging. 

3. Disconnect during weekends.

Social Media Habits: 5 Lifestyle Changes To Start Doing Now

I don't even know if I can actually do this. First of all, my main mode of communication with my husband and other friends is Facebook Messenger and I do connect with them on weekends. I did vow to check Messenger only and not my Facebook feed. 

I really want to do this. I want to spend the entire day reading a book or going out with Reiko and some of my friends. Or enjoying time with my family. As I mentioned earlier, I'm online everyday because of work and to be honest, it's nauseating to be in front of the computer all day. So I need a weekend break from the digital world. 

I will update you with my progress on this aspect. 

4. Turn off social media notifications. 

Quite simple but these little notifications on my phone and desktop make me very impulsive to click and before I know it, I'm on Facebook or Instagram for an hour or even more. Temptations. Resist. 

Social Media Habits: 5 Lifestyle Changes To Start Doing Now

5. Cutoff unlimited data/internet. 

This is probably the most drastic change I'm deciding to do. I haven't done so yet because I'm still on a contract with my postpaid plan provider. Having unlimited data makes me want to check social media all the freakin' time because I feel like I'm wasting my money if I don't. Again, I don't have anything against those who do. Of course, we have our own lifestyles and we have a choice. 

This has got to wait a little longer but I am already setting my mind to do it. And when the time comes, I'll be emotionally and socially prepared. 

All these I'm trying to do to achieve a healthier lifestyle. To have more time to go out and sleep. To have more time for family and friends instead of more time for social media and the digital world. 

So help me God. 

What do you think? You think these are realistic? 

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