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A Life That Overflows

One of the things that made me excited about 2016 is my new journal. I'm currently using The Giving Journal by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and I really couldn't wait to use it last December! At long last, 2016 has arrived. 

A Life That Overflows

One of my favorite pages is dedicated to a life that overflows. What are the simple acts that you commit to do to live a life that overflows this year? Here, I came up with mine. 

A Life That Overflows

  • Be thankful everyday. Write a weekly thankful list.
  • Always delay judgment. 
  • Make time for people who matter.
  • Watch your words.
  • Aim for wholeness and progress, not perfection.
  • Take care of yourself. 
  • Dare to dream.
  • Take more adventures. 
  • Learn to let go. 
  • Cherish more memories and experiences.
  • Love unconditionally. 
  • Seek first to understand.
  • Capture more photos and write more stories. 
  • Give. 
  • Be confidently beautiful with a heart.
  • Get real.
  • Do it scared.
  • Read more.
  • Know your priorities and limits. 
  • Smile. But cry if you must. 
  • Explore freely. 

These are truly simple acts that require no pressure at all (READ: I don't want to be pressured at all). I feel that they're fit for my theme this year which is EXPLORE

And yes to the Ms. Universe 2015 reference right there! Woot, wootttt!! #ConfidentlyBeautiful 
So how will you commit to a life that overflows? ;) 

A Life That Overflows

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