The Notebooks

September 10, 2015

As early as grade school, I already have an unexplainable fondness obsession with pretty notebooks. You probably know this fact if you've been reading this blog for quite some time now. I tend to hoard notebooks that have really cool covers or designs that sometimes it doesn't really matter if the paper quality is good or not. If the design speaks to me then I'm sold. 

I've collected so many in the past. Some of them, I burned. Some of them, I threw away. Currently, I have 6 super favorites and I'm planning to hoard more even though I'm not really sure what to do with them. Hahaha!

1. Wood Taste - I bought this from a pop-up shop during Pen Meet. I find that I'm actually drawn to wood-like covers these days, plus the fact that it's recycled and the papers are graphed. I love that it's very handy and it doesn't take up too much space in my bag.

Purpose: I immediately used it! I'm using it now to jot down ideas about my blog, any prompts, bucket lists, and random scribbles.

The Notebooks

2. Vintage - It's pretty inside and out which is why it's what I use to put my emotions and thoughts into writing. The papers have different designs and they're really smooth! 

Purpose: When I feel that I can't blog about a certain thing because it's very, very personal that I don't want to share it or at least not yet, I use this vintage journal. 
  The Notebooks

3. Crazy Sexy Cursive - I won this notebook during a raffle when I attended Pen Meet. I was actually planning to buy it but I already liked something else and I wanted to just limit myself to buying one notebook that day. Good thing I followed my instinct! I still got it but didn't have to buy it! Hurraah!

Purpose: Unknown as of this time. I'm just keeping it blank for now.
  The Notebooks

4. Weapons of Creation - I love, love this notebook. The moment I saw it from National Book Store, I knew right away that I should have it. First, it has wood cover but it isn't heavy at all. The papers come in 3 kinds - blank white, blank manila paper sort of type, and lined.

Purpose: It's supposed to be for the "artist wannabe" in me but it's sooo pretty and neat that I'm too hesitant to write on it. Sheesh, #OCproblems. Haha! I'm still trying to think of how exactly I'm gonna use this notebook. For now, I've only written on the first page.

The Notebooks

5. Belle de Jour Power Planner - And of course my daily companion, my power planner. I've written about it so many times here and I can't wait to see how next year's planner will look! By the way, I've been experimenting with notebook covers and for this one, I used washi tapes overload! Haha! 

Purpose: Serves as my journal as well as daily and monthly planner. Mostly used for work-related activities and personal errands. 

  The Notebooks

6. Colored notebook - When I'm bringing a small bag, I usually bring this notebook with me as it fits even in the back pocket of my jeans.

Purpose: This is what I usually refer to as my "dirty" notebook. As you know I'm quite the OC type so this notebook kinda frees me from the barriers of OC-ness. I just write whatever I have in mind at the spur of the moment so that I won't forget it without worrying about keeping my handwriting neat. LOL

The Notebooks

That's all for today's picks! Thanks for allowing me to share my favorites once again! Do you have a favorite notebook or journal too? ;)

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