Weird Fascinations

September 19, 2015

You see we all have different perspectives in life and what I see as interesting may be totally dull or unimportant to you, and I'm perfectly okay with that. I guess that's also what keeps photography fresh or new.. because people have different ways of capturing scenes.

And here goes mine... 

Through The Hole

It was a rainy Saturday morning in 7-11 and I just felt like taking a photo of this plant from where I was seated. 

Snapshots Saturday: Weird Fascinations

Early Morning Scene

This is my last stop on my way home, hurrah! I love going home when the streets are still clean and aren't busy yet. I can still feel the fresh morning air. Thank goodness. I'd love to have this peaceful scene any day.

Snapshots Saturday: Weird Fascinations

Gregoria Building

I guess I have some weird fascination of old buildings and structures. This building looks like deconstructive art to me. 

Snapshots Saturday: Weird Fascinations

The Yellow Truck

Because I rarely see a yellow truck? 

Snapshots Saturday: Weird Fascinations

And there goes for today! Thanks for stopping by! What scenes of the street are you usually fascinated with?

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