Monthly Flashback: Bye July, Hello August

August 5, 2015

Monthly Flashback: Bye July, Hello August

I got a little lazy just thinking of writing this monthly post because.. what really happened in July? I feel like time's running so fast that I didn't even have a minute to stop and smell the flowers. Eek!

But wait, I've got to discipline myself and be consistent with this post because this is how I can look back and see what I've done and what I need to improve on. So here I am, writing this post as I should. 

This has been my life in July. 

I haven't really checked but let's see what I've managed to post last month. 
Hmmmmm, not bad. Still far from my usual number of posts in a month because I used to post thrice a week. But I have a heavy workload these days so once or twice a week is already good enough for me. 

This month marked the first anniversary of Cebu Blogging Community and I was so happy I got to join the best blogging community in the city! We had so much fun!

Cebu Blogging Community

I received lots of cool things this month brought about by this blogging gig and I'm super thankful to be blessed. These are just add-ons for the love of blogging!


ASUS Zen Powerbank

Neostrata Enlighten Trio

Food Panda Ipod Nano

Also, I'm thankful for blogging meet-ups on a weekend! It's always good to hang out with people you share the same interests with. :) Thanks to Keene for the photo.

Cebu Blogging Community at Yoyi's Cebu

This month my goals are... let's see, I wrote this on my planner. 

It's midyear, 
I am going to fix my finances once and for all. 
Slowly but surely. 
With the right attitude and discipline, I CAN DO IT! 

Well, I guess this one's a goal I have to keep watching on until end of the year. 

On a sad note, my husband's daddy (not his biological dad) passed away after being in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. He's been with us since I moved to their house 6 years ago and it's pretty much different without him in the house. 

I might not have looked emotional about it but I do feel sad for his passing. Also, my husband had his share of bawling and I didn't want to be an emotional wreck. I wanted to be strong for him. 

I have so much on my plate right now but looking back to last month? I actually had one week without a class! Woaah, that went by so fast I didn't even feel it. But still, I'm thankful for that extra time to "relax."

Write your favorite quote in calligraphy. 

I've been practicing and even bought a book! :) 

Blissful Snapshots Hand Lettering

The ABCs of Hand Lettering

These are my mantras for the month. ♥

I radiate positivity and joy. 
Abundance is all around me. I enjoy everything life shares with me. 
There is nothing I can't handle. I'm stronger than I realize.z 
I can be in a good mood or in bad mood. The choice is always mine, 

So how was July for you? :) 

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