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July 27, 2015

I don't know what has gotten into me lately that brought me to revive something I've always loved doing. I knew long time ago that I wanted to make use of the right side of  my brain. I wanted to try to be creative or even try to learn drawing or painting. Try - because I don't think I am even creative at all.

So for the love of letters and colors, I started doing hand lettering again and actually committed to do it daily. I know I'm more of on the OC side so it's quite hard to start lettering again without ripping the first few pages of my new sketchpad.

I tell you - the struggle is real. Coincidentally, I saw a quote saying "it's okay not to be perfect" when I was scribbling the other day so I wrote it down and almost ripped the page when I didn't like the outcome. I stopped myself because... wouldn't it be ironic? Don't you think? *Insert Alanis Morrisette*

Sure I remember the days when I used to fill my notebooks with scribbles of anything under the sun. I remember writing the band name Chicosci on my notebook all the time even when I didn't know what it was or who they were. I was in high school and I was just copying my seatmate's scribbles. 

I remember saving my baon just to buy the classic GTech pen 0.5 or 0.3. Back then it was only Php 38 but it was already too expensive for me. I still bought it though, careful all the time that it wouldn't fall from my grip. I can't believe that it's almost a hundred pesos now. Times have changed.

Sharpies galore

I know I suck big time at drawing or painting. I did take a course on Design Fundamentals for a semester in college. In all fairness, I got to try using paint brushes and poster paints. It was fun! Mainly because it was the only class that didn't involve too much memorization and overthinking.

I may have sucked at drawing but I think there's a reason why I was always the class secretary, sheesh! I think? My handwriting is neat and totally legible. And I love that I can be creative with it. 

You see I'm not a professional letterer but I really want to take this love to the next level which is why I bought this book by Abbey Sy. I first found out about her works from the book Paano Ba To by Bianca Gonzalez. She did the lettering which I absolutely loved so I checked her out.

The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy

I got interested even more when she defined lettering and calligraphy. Lettering is the art of drawing letters based on draftmanship while calligraphy, a subset of lettering, is the art of writing letters based on penmanship. 

So when I get to eventually master hand lettering, that means I know how to draw! Draw letters! Yuhooo!! It's the closest to drawing that I can think of. Now if you think it's easy, think again. It's actually a tedious process when you're still starting out but I know it's all worth it when you master it. Below is a page from the book. 

The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy

Gosh, Abbey is only 22!!!  And she has written a book! She is therefore one of my new inspirations in life!! Which explains why I've been hoarding Sharpies and different kinds of pens lately. Practice. Practice. Practice makes the world go round!!! Hehehe.

Gaaahhhh this whole lettering thing is making me soooo happy I wanna dance!! Indeed, sweeter the second time around. Isn't it??

Blissful Snapshots hand lettering

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