6 Delights That Took My Breath Away

June 27, 2015

Since this is going to be my last 6-series post this month, I decided to come up with a virtual feast! What better way to end this than to share with you the best delights that recently took my breath away, right?! 

It may not show in my current physique but please believe me when I say that I eat like a man! In fact, if you ask me what I want to do all day without regretting it? I'd choose eating. 

I had a hard time choosing my favorites but in the end, these 6 stood out! These are all Instagram photos.. because food and Instagram I guess go together. Watchathink? I am certainly not the best food photographer in town though. Not even close to the best but I think I take decent enough photos. Hahaha! 

Here you go my friends! 

1. Macaroni Bites from Dessert Factory 

Think of these as your usual chicken nuggets but only with baked macaroni inside instead of chicken. So heavenly! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Yum!

 photo macaroni bites_zpshcsncs8l.jpg

2. Green Tea Matcha Smoothie and Frappe AND Pistachio Frappe 

I just can't get enough of Dessert Factory! This one is a smoothie and it didn't disappoint.

 photo matcha green tea_zps331ed4ox.jpg

I was waiting at the airport lounge early in the morning when I felt a sudden need for a refreshing drink. Below is Bo's Coffee Green Tea Matcha Frappe with Peppermint. I thought I wouldn't like it at all but man I was so, so wrong. 

 photo bos coffee matcha green tea_zpsso1nojf2.jpg

Meet Pistachio Frappe and I need this in my life - a limited edition beverage still from Bo's Coffee but got it from SM Gensan branch. I hope they bring this back. Last time I checked, this isn't available in any outlets here in Cebu. Please let me know if you find one! 

 photo pistachio frappe_zps2xlmlgin.jpg

3. Spinach Pasta from Best Western Plus Lex Hotel 

This surprised me! It was my first time to try this kind of pasta and I was overwhelmed with bliss! Hahaha. 

 photo spinach pasta_zpsuvro3nca.jpg

4. Super Spicy Chicken Wings from Munchtown Diner 

Chicken wings! My favorite. You need water by your side when eating these. I swear these almost made me cry. 

 photo super spicy chicken wings_zpszqjo5bbh.jpg

5. Nachos with Cheesy Dip from Dessert Factory

Gaaaahhh. Dessert Factory again! Because I so love it! I couldn't stop eating these to the point of embarrassment. Hahaha

 photo dessert factorys nachos _zpsonrxf5w0.jpg

6. Quaker Oat Dairy Drink 

My new found addiction. It was one rainy night when there were people giving freebies/samples in our office lobby and I took one. It was vanilla flavor and I drank it immediately when I got home. The night after, I bought 2 bottles. And the night after that night, I bought another 2 bottles.

Am I infatuated?

 photo quaker oat dairy drink_zpsjyd1wf14.jpg


I hope you find them delightful too! Hehehe! Thanks for tuning in to this month's 6-series posts! It's been fun writing about my favorites. Until then!! ♥

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