Breakfast at Bo's Coffee

March 19, 2015

My friend and I went to Bo's Coffee earlier to grab some breakfast meals before heading home. I always love a hearty and lovely breakfast.

bo's coffee capitol

It was just 7:30 am so it wasn't crowded with students and business people yet. It was still peaceful when we arrived and I loved it. 

bo's coffee breakfast nook menu at bo's coffee

It was a cozy place. It was my first time there today. Maybe it helped that it wasn't full of people just yet. By the time we ate, people slowly then quickly arrived.

bo's coffee carbonara bo's coffee carbonara

The food was good. Not perfect and not totally life-changing but still good for breakfast. 

bo's coffee southern escape

A refreshing sugar-free and dairy-free smoothie of bananas and mangoes with a shot of fresh carrot juice. 

Well, this came as a pleasant surprise! It's their new thing and I didn't even ask what's in it when they offered it. I just said yes, I'll take it. When I tasted it, there was a very strong flavor that I couldn't quite identify. 

Then I realized. Carrots. That one kind of food I never really eat unless they're bits and pieces. Good thing! You know I don't drink coffee so there!

tattered jeans at bo's coffee

This doesn't really have a direct correlation to breakfast. When I was heading to work the night before, I was so surprised when I found out that it was ripped! Surprised, yes. Because it wasn't like that when I last wore it. 

It had an edgy look to it though. Or so I think.


Bo's Coffee 
Capitol Site, OsmeƱa Blvd cor. Don Cui St, Cebu City
(+63 32) 255-4969
Open 24/7

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