February 14, 2015

I always say that having a time alone is essential for myself - my mind and my soul. It gives me a chance to ponder on things even just for a while.

"Aloneness" is beautiful. I used to be always scared when I'm alone. Sometimes I still do. Most of the time, I think of it as a privilege. Because, with a toddler and a demanding job - time alone can be a luxury. 

I rarely visit our office's penthouse and when I do it's really because I just want to relax. So here are my favorite snapshots.

Good Morning

good morning

Left Side



overlooking buildings from the penthouse

White Bench

white bench at the penthouse


Mornings are most likely crappy for us - that's if you're not a morning person. Sometimes I am. Sometimes I'm not. Because I work at night, I appreciate quiet mornings a lot. It means end of work day for me but it also means start of the day for my other tasks (read: motherhood). 

Do you love mornings? 

Stay happy! ♥

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