Blogging For A Cause

October 2, 2014

Blogging For A Cause
This motherhood and parenting thing can be exhausting. Funny how parenting and exhausting rhyme. Ha! And so lately, I'm thinking of what other extra curricular activities I want to get involve in to keep me sane.
I'm thinking of doing something new, something refreshing. Yes, I'm still thinking so I don't really have anything concrete in mind. For now, of course there's blogging! But I want to try something new and create something I've never done before in the field of blogging. #StillThinking

Last week, I was invited by Jhanis of The Vanilla Housewife to join a local blogging summit and a local blogging community. I never thought of joining because my workload right now is slightly killing me softly. But I thought that I'd never have to jump around and run around in a blogging summit right? Or I wouldn't be required to do something a person of no sleep cannot do? Didn't think so.

I jumped right in! Registered myself and went straight to the venue at 8am on Saturday morning after my graveyard shift of until 6am that day! It was communicated ahead that the event would be from 8am-5pm. The last time I intentionally kept myself awake for more than 24 hours was a year ago and just recently, I broke my own record. 

It's still my second time to attend a blogging summit. The first one was back in college when the event was held in our city (my hometown) so I had a big advantage of joining. Last Saturday's event was called 2014 Social Good Day and Cebu Blogging Summit and was organized by Cebu Blogging Community. 

It mainly focused on using social media and blogging as tools not just to share anything we like but also to share and promote our own advocacy that can be beneficial to the community. Several speakers talked about their advocacy and how we can help as bloggers. There were also discussions and open forums about basic blogging tips and monetizing blogs. 

I've never really thought of blogging for my advocacy. In fact, I'm not very active with any. In a sense, I've come to think that as bloggers and social media influencers, we have a very powerful voice no matter how small our reach is. At some point, if we promote our blog, there's always even one person who can relate and resonate with our words and voices. Part of something new that I'd like to blog about as part of my travel wonders is my own community.

I often tell people how work would always hinder me from traveling when in fact, if I look around me, there are a lot of things and places to explore. I don't have to look far away because my country and my community is beautiful! So instead of staying at home all weekend, I want to go out there and explore more to discover more.

Also, I want to blog for a cause just like what was reinforced during the blogging summit. I mean it's definitely alright to blog about whatever we like. After all, it's our blog and we have control over it. But I've always wanted to be more open about the things I believe in and I think it's a great avenue for me to share my opinions to other people. 

People may not always agree but I am hoping to get my point across. I'm hoping to be able to write more about topics I feel strongly about.. perhaps like child labor or maybe mendicancy (begging) which is very common here in our city. And as much as possible, I want to integrate it to my working mom and motherhood experiences. 

Blogging for a cause, why not right? 

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