The Many Meanings of A Facebook Like

September 8, 2014

Whether we like it or not, Facebook has somehow taken over our lives at some point. What with infinite scrolling and all that. Where do you usually first read the latest news? The latest about entertainment? And the latest about everything? FACEBOOK, right? 
In our personal life, where do we first know of our friends and other people's relationship status? Our friends' whereabouts? Our friends' rants and raves? More often than not, it's through FACEBOOK, right? 

As we all know, one of the many features of Facebook is the ability to like someone's post or photos. And since it's called LIKE, the original purpose of it is for people to know that someone really likes a post or a photo. Right? 
Now, I'm writing this because it seems funny how the Facebook LIKE button has evolved in terms of its purpose and meaning. Don't you think so? It's no longer just for liking someone's post or photo, it conveys many meanings now. Some are clear meanings, some are vague. And I for one sometimes get confused. Lol. 
So below are some of the functions and meanings of Facebook LIKE that I've observed through the years, aside from its original purpose which is to LIKE someone's post or photo. You may or may not agree with me, it's totally fine. :) But these are just my observations. 
People may hit the LIKE button to and/or because... 
1. Show that they've read a post and seen the photos. I mean why would people like a news flash about the war in Israel and Gaza? I'm thinking it must be because they want to let people know that "I was here. This is considered read."

2. Show that they are updated with their friends' lives and whereabouts. So that they have something to talk about during break time at work. 
3. Help a friend's friend's cousin's friend win a contest by having the most number of likes on Facebook. 
4. That's just the way they are. On a rainy weekend, who doesn't get tempted to tune in to Facebook and like all the posts and photos on the news feed? 
5. Afraid that they'll be subjected to Friendship Over. Yes, I know some people who would ask, "Hey, have you already liked my post earlier? What? No, not yet? Okay, you still have time to like it, otherwise, forget that we're friends!" I'm probably exaggerating for some. But really, Facebook can make or break a relationship. 
6. They feel obliged to like? In relation to number 5, I sometimes think that some people feel this. It could be just me but my trainees who are my friends on Facebook will always like all my posts and photos even when they know nothing about some of the things I post. I hope they don't feel obliged, haha, just because I'm their trainer. LOL! 
7. They can't make up their minds. I see some people who like people's posts and then disagree with the post on the comment section. I mean? If you like something, aren't you supposed to agree or relate to it? IDK. Maybe not all the time? Hmm.
8. They want to be seen or noticed. It's a way of saying "I'm just here. I'm not mad at you." I know a friend who once asked me, "Omg, he liked my status, does that mean he's not that mad at me anymore? Otherwise, he wouldn't like my status, right?" Oh yeah, probably! 
9. They liked how the person constructed the status message. The words used are perfect even though it doesn't make sense to them because they can't relate. 
10. The post is too long that they don't have time to read the entire thing and comment unnecessarily so they just hit like to get it over with. 
So there you go. I actually do some of the things I mentioned above just because. But I don't hit like everytime I see a new post just because it's out on Facebook especially if it's about a disaster or something to that effect. I also won't like someone's post and disagree on the comment section. 
If I disagree to the post, then I don't hit like and I don't comment at all. I let it be. After all, it's Facebook. People are technically free to post their hearts out as long it does not violate Facebook's policy. 
Also, I'm not saying that what I mentioned above makes someone a bad person or what-not. It's just my opinion and you're free to disagree politely. :) At the end of the day, we all use Facebook as our outlet and as long as we use it responsibly, we're all on the safe side. 
Do you have something to add to the list? I'd love to know! 

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