July 1, 2014

Happy Social Media Day! I didn't even know there's such a day and ironically, I wasn't able to celebrate this day so much. I, instead, celebrated Tantrums Day for Reiko.

To be fair, the boy is sick with fever and he has trouble breathing because of his darn cold and cough. He was crying and coughing the entire day that he couldn't sleep and I couldn't sleep too! I finally got him to sleep <-- oops, as I was typing those words, he suddenly woke up! But he's back to sleep now. Time check: 11:51 pm. And I just missed tonight's work.

Anyway, I was meaning to write share this post earlier today but apparently I couldn't get in front of the computer because Reiko wanted me by his side all the time. Ok, point taken. So in celebration of Social Media Day, I thought of sharing some of my Facebook status messages that either made me smile, laugh, cry, or cringe! 

Photo courtesy of Mind Food

For the record, I have no idea why on earth it's Blair Woldorf and why cutest is spelled cuttest?! 

Let this day be a reminder that the world is watching, and what you do shapes more than yourself; it shapes the world around you. - via Rappler.
A just-for-laughs article here -- How Would Life Be Without Social Media. Hope you're all having an awesome day! 

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