Monday, August 12, 2013

How To Keep Your Husband Happy: Keeping Your Marriage Successful

I have come to the final chapter of this trilogy! For the last 2 days, I talked about The Ideal Wife and A Scorecard for Wives. It's amusing to know how this topic can really spark a conversation among married women.

I shared these posts with my high school bestfriends who are already married and it's interesting because when we talked about it through FB chat yesterday, a lot of pressing issues were brought up and we were able to discuss them, thought of solutions or ways to address them and wished beyond our wildest dreams that everything will be fine. I felt so mature and I sounded like a pro! Haha. 

Before I got married, my mom asked if I'm already sure of my decision and she said that "marriage is a life sentence." Well, although that sounded a little bit scary, I was sure it was right. She was married for so many years and I'm sure she knows best. And without hesitation, I said "Yes."

So how do we really keep our marriage successful? The author suggested a sensible program to follow: 

  1. Don't ever forget that home happiness is primarily a spiritual matter (prayer, Bible reading, family altar, regular church attendance).
  2. Resolve. Lay out detailed plans for what you hope to accomplish. Set your goals. Do this secretly or in cooperation with your husband. But do it. Give yourself enough time though and if it's God's will, what can keep it from being a tremendous success?
  3. Take a very critical attitude toward yourself personally - constructively critical. What improvements do you need? May it be physical or emotional, go for it. Be brutally frank, don't spare yourself. The cause is worthy.
  4. Remember that femininity wins. God never expected you to compete on masculine grounds. You're a woman so make the most out of that. 
  5. Watch those outside activities. Don't get so busy with clubs, committees, luncheons, even church, that home is neglected. Give the children and the husband even more time than they demand.
  6. This is a secret according to the author. Boost your husband when you can. Find something to compliment. But keep your eye open for points of praise. Don't say anything dishonest and don't exaggerate. Say genuine words of appreciation. Make this a home policy and you'll soon see the reason why. 

The book says that we should let unselfishness be our overall motto. There will be times when we realize we're doing more than our part in the endeavor to maintain home tranquility but we should not quit because we're the key to success. Husbands can't do it, children can't either. Just wives. 

I certainly like that fact. True enough, in reality, the one who's giving has the most joy and inner satisfaction. The points mentioned in the book are all suggestions only. You may or may not abide by them. We all have our ways to make our house a home but personally, I'm definitely gonna do my best to follow these points as I find them really useful. 

So which one of these points is the most essential for you? To you who's reading this, I wish you a happy marriage! Maybe not now but in the future. :)

Live. Laugh. L♥ve! 

Cheers from us! ♥


  1. Great blog. Would you like to follow each ohter? - it would be fantastic;)


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  2. I super agree with number 6! Char, feeling married. Pero bitaw, I think it's the secret weapon in keeping a relationship happy. It's best if it's 2-way, though.

  3. Thanks Minnja! Will be happy to check & follow your blog! :)

  4. Hi Maan! I like number 6 too! You'll be married soon anyway so it does apply to you too! Stay happy! :)

  5. 5 and 6 is a must for me. :) We've discuss this before and we both agree that #5 should be really a priority when it comes to devoting my time on my family.

  6. I agree Rubie! I'm glad to hear that we're on the same page, hehehe. As much as we can, we need to really spend time with the family. :)

  7. I agree with you, a wonderful post !


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