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Unfiltered: The Gateway to Angkor Thom

Angkor Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia

As I was sorting my photos of Angkor temples, I was also wondering how I can retell my experience. If you recall, I mentioned on my blog post about Angkor Wat that I will share photos of Angkor Thom. And this is it! If you're interested in Angkor Wat, here's the link to my post -> Magnificent Angkor Wat

Kalye Serye Maynila: When In Baclaran

Baclaran Church

When there's a chance to go out, explore, and take photos - I'd gladly take it. Last week, I only had about 2 days and 1 night in Manila for the Vivo V5 Grand Launch. We were housed in Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams in ParaƱaque which made it convenient to sneak in a quick photowalk in Baclaran.

Vivo V5: Redefining The Perfect Selfie

Vivo V5

Vivo Mobile has finally revealed their newest and hottest offer to the Philippine smart phone market. Their latest offering called V5 was unveiled in a grand and superb launch last Wednesday, Nov. 23 at Solaire Resort & Casino in ParaƱaque, Metro Manila.

Here's How You Can See Into The Future... Really

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots.

Have you ever wished that you could see into the future? We all likely have at some point. You might think that this kind of thing can only be seen in supernatural films and programs, but the truth is, you can actually train yourself to see glimpses of the future. Not kidding!

Kalye Serye Bangkok: #LocalFeels

Bangkok, Thailand

I usually just post photos and a few captions for my Kalye Serye series but sometimes I'm a keyboard warrior in a sense that typing comes first before thinking (rationally), lol. I'm writing this blog post on the fly because, ahhh busy week! This week's Kalye Serye is about the third and last destination of our 10-day backpacking trip - a.k.a BKK!